Where To Find Animals In The Kruger National Park Game Reserve

The Best Places To Look For The Big Five, Rare Antelope, Small Predators, Small Mammals, Birds & Reptiles In The Kruger National Park

Where to find rare animals in the kruger parkOver my many years and many visits to one of the greatest places on Earth, the Kruger National Park, I have done a lot of personal research on interesting topics that can be found throughout this website. I have now dedicated this page to help you find what you would like to see when you visit the majestic Kruger. This page will share with you personal experiences and sightings of the wild life in the park, so hopefully you can re trace the steps and have the same sought of encounter, or one even better! The links below go to pages with maps of sightings that are constantly being updated, so hopefully you can put them to good use and find that species you are so keen to seek!

Latest Kruger Animal Count & Census

Where To Find Game In The Kruger National Park?


In the list below you will see such predators like Spotted Hyaena, African Lion, Leopard and Black Backed Jackal have been excluded, as these animals occur throughout the park and are quite common. The list of carnivores below, are the rare animals that are seldom seen or hard to find. If you click on the animal you will see tips and a map of where TheKruger.Com has recorded these predators.

Rare Antelope:

A lot of people seek out the rare ungulate or antelope species in the Kruger National Park and by clicking on the links below, this will help you find these rare antelope listed below.

**All the research on these pages is my own, or it was obtained from public sources in the Park or rangers etc. Please contact me for more information.