Kruger National Park Weather ... Rainfall and Temperatures

Kruger Park WeatherIn general the Kruger Park weather will suit everybody except for periods when it can be extremely hot. The Kruger does not get a lot of rain and rarely more than about 7 days per month. This rainfall frequency happens in mid summer which for us means December January and February.

The Kruger is blessed with sunshine on most days.

Frost is almost unknown with average minimum daily temperatures in Winter dropping to about 10 degrees Centigrade. Average mid summer temperatures rise to around 33 degrees with spikes above 40 degrees.

In summer from say October onwards until end April you will need a car with air conditioning whilst between May to September you will generally love the weather.

Mean Annual Temperatures ... click map to enlarge

The temperature map shown here indicates there is about a 3 or 4 degrees Centigrade spread in average temperature from the northernmost regions around Pafuri to the Pretoriuskop region in the south west. This may not sound a lot but when this is added to the maximums that occur it is possible to experience very hot conditions in the north or, for that matter, anywhere in the Park (info supplied by Kruger National Park Scientific Department).

Mean Annual Rainfall in mm ... click map to enlarge

Kruger National Park RainfallThe map shows some significant variations in rainfall with the driest areas being in the far north of Kruger. You can be witness to spectacular thunderstorms in the Kruger. These are a sight well worth seeing as the sky is lit up from numerous lighting strikes simultaneously. The sound of thunder is this haven of tranquility is also something quite special.

Last year I took an UK friend to the Satara Camp and he stayed up much of the night just to capture photo shots of the storm that raged that night. By the time dawn arrived all was back to peace and quiet and the air was so fresh it was staggering. Info supplied by Kruger National Park Scientific Department.