Trees of The Kruger National Park

Kruger Park TreesThis is a partial list of some of the trees to be seen in the Kruger National Park … identifying them is quite different and difficult. There are currently 404 species of trees within the Kruger National Park that have been identified. The Gertenbach landscapes section of this website refers to many of these trees using only their Latin or Botanical names so here is a good reference point to relate this section to. This is why this list has been compiled. Before reading the list below of the tree species occurring in the Kruger National Park, it is interesting to note that the Kruger also has a "Big Five" of trees:

  1. Baobab Tree
  2. Fever Tree
  3. Knob Thorn Acacia
  4. Marula Tree
  5. Mopani Tree

Other striking, iconic and more common tree's that occur in the Kruger Park are the Common Cluster Fig, Delagoa Thorn, Lowveld Fig, Natal Mahogany, Monkey Orange, Mustard Tree, Raisin Bush, Tamboti Tree, Red Bushwillow, Coral Tree, Jackalberry, Leadwood, Lala Palm, Sausage Tree, Umbrella Thorn Acacia, Candelabra Euphorbia and the Round Leafed Teak.

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Below is a full list of the Kruger National Parks more common Tree Species categorised by their scientific names and then there common names: