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The Engelhard Dam Letaba (Sand) & Makhadzi River Confluence on S62

H9 Road Letaba to Phalaborwa | Gabbro, Greenstoones, Syenite Rocks

Phalaborwa Gate to Letaba via S131, S132, S96, S69 and H9

Elephant Jams and Bat Houses: S47 Letaba Loop Road

Boulders, Stapelkop Dam, Steinaeckers Horse and Giriyondo Border Post, S133, S136, S146, H15

Leopard Catches Prey | S46 to Olifants. S93, S94, S44, H1-5 and H8 Roads


Mopani to Letaba on H1-6 Via Buffalo Kill by Lions, 5 Metres from Road

Massive Buffalo Herd at the Giriyondo Turn Off

Tsendze River Loop ... An Important River with its Catchment Inside the Kruger.

Tshongololo Drive S142 West of the H1-6 Main Tar Road Between Letaba and Mopani


Corumana Dam Threatens Last Kruger Gorge on Perennial River.

Massingir Dam & Flooding of Olifants Gorge | Breeding Ground for Nile Crocodile

Hippo Galore in Olifants River. Single Rhino & Waterbuck on S91

The Spotted Hyaena Den ...Puppies and All

Rabelais Hut & Orpen Gate via H7 Returning on Rabelais Loop S106 to H1-4

Timbavati River, Ratelpan and Roodewal Bird Hide Along the S39

Kori Bustard on Display, Large Olifants River Crocodile | H1-4 South to H7

Private: Talamati Camp Twisting Roads, Raptors & Sleeping Lions| S140, S145, S36 & S125 East

Punda Maria

Sunbirds Feeding at the Blossoms of the Beautiful Common Coral Tree

Elephant Terrorises Elvis at Babala Picnic Spot Kruger National Park

The Elephant Run ... Charged by 2 Angry Kruger Elephants on Pafuri Punda Maria Road

The Flycatcher Trail at Punda Maria Camp Kruger National Park

Drive from Gate to Punda Maria Rest Camp, Kruger National Park South Africa

Punda Maria Mahonie Loop Drive Kruger National Park South Africa

Punda Maria to Shingwedzi Drive | Dzundwini Loop Kruger National Park South Africa

Drive Maps from Punda Maria Rest Camp to Pafuri, Kruger National Park South Africa

Punda Maria to Pafuri Gate Drive, Kruger National Park South Africa

Pafuri Region & Luvuvhu River Crossing | Nyala and Baobabs

Drive From Punda Maria to Pafuri Gate KNP South Africa

Unforgettable Nyala Drive Pafuri Kruger National Park South Africa

Nyala Drive Pafuri Region Aerial Images

Peace Parks & Crooks Corner & Birding at Pafuri Picnic Spot Luvuvhu River

Drive Klopperfontein (Kloppers Fountain) Loop S61 off S60 Kruger Game Reserve

GPS Mapping Punda Maria Mahonie Loop Drive Kruger National Park South Africa

Thulamela Archeological Site Pafuri Region Kruger National Park


Wild Basil, Impala Lily and Hammerkop Nests on Morning walk at Satara

Puffadder and Lioness on the S90 and a Big Elephant Tusker on the S100

Girivana Loop via the Msemani Dam on the H7 Kruger National park

Into Timbavati Country Made Famous by "The White Lions of Timbavati"

N'Wanetsi Picnic Spot, Sweni Bird Hide, Harry Wolhuter Memorial

Down the Lindanda Road (S35) to Orpen Dam then to Nkumbe Look Out Point

Kruger National Park Drive via Skukuza and Pretoriuskop

This Lion is Fitted with Radio Collar. Part of Bovine TB Research Project


Perfect African Sunset Photos at Shingwedzi Bridge in Kruger National Park

Do Not Get Out of Your Vehicle ... Elephants.

African Python Snake Tracks in the Sand Kruger National Park

Red Rocks Loop S52 South from Shingwidzi Camp | Tshanga Look Out.

The Spectacular Red Rocks Loop S52 from Shingwidzi Camp

Was that An African Python I Just Missed on the S101 Close to Shingwidzi Camp?

H1-6 Kruger Drive Across the Tropic of Capricorn North to Shingwidzi Camp

Shingwedzi S50 Kruger Drive | Dipani to Tropic of Capricorn Loops

Kanniedood Drive S50 Via Shingwedzi Mashagadzi Waterhole Loop S134

Shingwedzi to the Mphongolo River Loop on S56 in Kruger National Park

Shingwedzi Drives in Kruger National Park. Home of Big 5

Why Was this African Python Dead? H1-6 Kruger National park South Africa

KNP S143 & S144: Zebra, Giraffes, Elephants, Buffalo, & Martial Eagle

Shingwedzi Drives in Kruger National Park. Home of Big 5


Crocodile Kills Female Bushbuck at Lake Panic Kruger National Park

Southern Ground Hornbill Kills Large Monitor Lizard Near Sabie River

An African Lion (Lioness) Calling for Her Cubs Kruger National Park

Another 5 Spell-Binding Days in the Kruger National Park

Mating Lions at River Sabie | S112, S22 for Shirimantanga, S21 N’Watimhiri Rd to H4-1

White Rhino Middens, Rhino Sharpening & Harry Wolhuter on the S1 Sand Road

Lake Panic Bird Hide on Mafunyana Creek

H1-2 to Satara via Tshokwane from Skukuza. We view a Leopard Kill

Our First Lion (Pregnant Lioness?) of the Trip on the H1-3 to Satara.

Albasini Ruins at Phabeni Gate | H11 and S1 from Kruger Gate

Skukuza and Sabie River to Tshokwane Via Salitje & Vutomi Roads | S30 to S36, S35, S37, S33 & S34.

Skukuza South via Shirimantanga & Mpondo Dam | S114, H5, S26, S113, S102, S108, S23, S113, H3

Biyamiti Loop | Crocodile and Veld Monitor Lizard at Biyamiti Weir S23, S114, S113, H2-2 & H3

Kruger Park Water Lilies ... Most Blue WaterLilies Started Life in Africa


Dragged off by a Lion ... Harry Wolhuter's Story Sabi Game Reserve Days

6 Lionesses Eat Old Buffalo Bull Close to Letaba Camp Kruger National Park

Lion Kill on H4-1 Skukuza to Lower Sabie | N’watimhiri Causeway

Harry Wolhuter Biography by Professor Geoffrey Haresnape