Kruger Park Mammals - White Rhino (Square Lipped Rhinoceros)

The White Rhino get's its name from the Afrikaans word Wyd, which actually means wide, in reference to the wide mouth it has, hence the alternative name 'Square Lipped Rhinoceros'. The misconception was that this word meant white. The White Rhino, and the Black Rhino, are under huge threat from poaching in the Kruger National Park, please read more below.

Kruger National Park White RhinocerosNo more info will be shared on this Rhino due to their vulnerability from excessive poaching in the Kruger National Park. An important thing to note is that Rhino horn does not have medicinal or aphrodisiac values, the truth is Rhino horn is made up of the same material that makes up human hair and finger nails.

Please protect this beautiful animal, and hopefully one day the poachers and general public will realise the facts that are highlighted in bold above.

"The department wishes to once again urge South Africans to report incidents of rhino poaching or any tip-offs that could lead to arrest and prevention of illegal killing to 0800 205 005."

White Rhino (Square Lipped Rhinoceros) Kruger National Park Gallery

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Kruger Rhino wallowing with Buffalo Kruger Park White Rhino Grazing
White Rhino in the Kruger Park grass land White Square Lipped Rhinceros drinking
Kruger White Rhino at sunrise Kruger Park White Rhino