Kruger Park Mammals - African Honey Badger/Ratel

The African Honey Badger () also know as the Ratel, can live up to 20 years and weigh close to 15 kilograms. They are very aggressive and fierce predators, and even Lions think twice about attacking or preying on them.

Where To Find Honey Badger in the Kruger National Park...

Kruger Park Honey Badger DistributionAfrican Honey Badger Distribution Map In The Kruger National Park

The African Honey Badger/Ratel can be found throughout the Kruger National Park in all ecozones and is a relatively common species, although difficult to find, please click the link above for advice on where to find Kruger's Honey Badger.

More Information On Kruger's Honey Badger/Ratel

The Honey Badger avoids dense bush in the Kruger. They are a very busy species, that always seem to be foraging, feeding on all sorts, but mainly: insects, reptiles, rodents, birds, scorpions, frogs, plants, roots, fruits, eggs and even carrion. They are partial to honey and follow 2 bird species in the Kruger Park, called Honeyguides (Lesser, Greater, Scalythroated, & Brownbacked Honeyguide). The Honey Badger will occasionally fall prey to Lion and Leopard and the young Honey Badgers have been known to be preyed on by Black Backed Jackal.

Kruger Park Honey Badger/Ratel Photo Gallery

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