Kruger Park Mammals - Free-Tailed Bats

There are 6 species of Freetailed Bats in the Kruger National Park all falling under the name Tadarida. The life span of these species is 8-20 years and they are all insectivorous and dependant on water and are most comfortable in Savannah woodland habitats.

Kruger Park's Free Tailed Bat Distribution

The Free Tailed Bat species of the Kruger National Park have a very patchy distribution and their entire distribution range within the park is not known, but listed below are areas you are most likely to encounter free tailed bat species in the Kruger:

Free Tailed Bat Species Of The Kruger Park

The following is a list of all the Free Tailed Bat species that occur in the Kruger National Park:

Photo's Of Kruger's Free Tailed Bat

There are currently no photo's of Kruger's Freetailed Bat species.