Kruger Park Mammals - Common Molerat

The Common Molerat (Cryptomys hottentotus), also known as the African Molerat, is a unique looking rodent that can weigh up to 150 grams and live up to an incredible 10 years of age.

Kruger Park common molerat distribution mapKruger National Park Common Molerat Distribution Map

The Common Molerat has a fairly widespread distribution in the Kruger National Park, but occur most commonly north and south of the Olifants rest camp. This is undoubtedly due to the sandy and basalt soils the area has. There are 2 sub species of the Common Molerat that have been identified in the Kruger.

More Information On Kruger's Common Molerat

The Common Molerat is underground creature, coming above ground after heavy rain and during darker hours. They feed on plants roots up to 30 centimeters below ground level and live in family communities of up to 15 animals. They are omnivorous. Their main predator is the Mole Snake which works its way into their burrows, and when the Common Molerat are vulnerable (When they breach the surface at night), they often get taken by Barn and Spotted Eagle Owls.

Kruger Park Common Molerat Gallery

There are currently no photo's of the Kruger's Common Molerat.