Kruger Park Mammals - Mice & Rat Species

The common mice and rat species that belong to the sub-family of Murinae in the Kruger National Park are made up of 12 species, of which all have a life span of roughly 4 years.

Kruger Park Common Mice & Rat Species Distribution Map

Kruger Park Rodent Distribution

The mice and rat species of the Kruger Park are widely distributed throughout the area, with Pretoriuskop and Punda Maria being significant hotspots for these rodent species of the Kruger. The Skukuza and Satara areas also play host to a healthy population of these species which include the following:

More Information On Kruger's Rat & Mice Species

The more common mouse and rat species have many predators and play a key role in the food chain. Their main predators, however, include the Serval, Barn Owl and Spotted Eagle Owl.

Kruger Park Common Rat & Mice Species Gallery

Striped Mouse

Kruger National Park Striped Mouse