Kruger Park Mammals - Grey (Common Bush) Duiker

The Common Duiker (Sylvicapra grimmia) also known as the Grimm's Duiker, Grey Duiker or Common Bush Duiker, get's it's name from the Afrikaans word "Duiker" meaning dive, as this is the action this antelope species performs when it is in trouble; it dives for cover.

Kruger Park Grey (Common Bush) Duiker Distribution Map

Kruger Park Common Duiker Distribution

The Common Duiker can be found throughout the Kruger National Park in all forms of habitat. They adapt to any habitat and conditions very well and are widespread evenly throughout the Kruger Park. They are often absent from extended grassland areas.

More Information On Kruger's Grey (Common Bush Duiker)

The Common Duiker can weigh up to 25 kilograms and has a life span of around 12 years. They are a beautiful antelope species that have scent glands below their eyes, which are very good. Common Duiker are active during the day and night and are mainly browsers, they have however been known to eat carrion and feed on birds, and they occasionally graze when their are new shoots of grass present. All predators prey on the Common Duiker, from birds to cats to crocodiles and snakes, but their main predator in the Kruger National Park is the African Rock Python.

Kruger Park Grey (Common Bush) Duiker Gallery

Male Common Duiker in the kruger park

Male and female common duiker pair in kruger

Kruger Park Antelop - Grey Common Bush Duiker