Kruger Park Mammals - Climbing Mice

There are 3 species of climbing mice that occur in the Kruger National Park, these are all referred to as Dendromurines: Grey Climbing Mouse, Chestnut Climbing Mouse, Fat Mouse.

Climbing Mice Distribution In The Kruger National Park

The 3 species of Climbing Mice in the Kruger National Park occur in different areas, as listed below.

More Information On Kruger's Climbing Mice

Climbing mice in the Kruger National Park are strictly nocturnal and are either solitary or occur in pairs. They get their common name from the fascinating actions they perform, as they spend most of their nocturnal feeding climbing amongst long grasses. They build their nests in these grasses as well generally a meter above the ground. The climbing mice are fascinating species and have a life span of 3 years. They can way between 10 and 50 grams and their main predators are snakes and owls.

Kruger Park Climbing Mice Gallery

There are currently no photo's of Kruger's climbing mice species.