Kruger Park Mammals - Cape Hare

The Cape Hare (Lepus capensis) can weigh between 2 and 4 kilograms and live up to 5 years, it is distinguished from it's close relative, the Scrub Hare, by its underparts, which are more brown than white.

Kruger Park Cape Hare distribution mapKruger National Park Cape Hare Distribution

The Cape Hare is more at home in the northern regions of the Kruger National Park, and this is where they are most likely to be seen. Cape Hare's have been recorded in the Shingwedzi and Mopani areas of the Kruger. They could have a wider distribution or be more common, but due to their appearance being so similar to the Scrub Hare, it is hard to say.

More Information On Kruger's Cape Hare

The Kruger's Cape Hare has many predators. Any bird of prey, reptile or mammal their size or larger will prey upon the Cape Hare. The Kruger Cape Hare have amazing senses and occupy a territory, or home range, of up to one square kilometer. The Cape Hare is almost strictly nocturnal.

Kruger Park Cape Hare Gallery

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