Kruger Park Mammals - Bushveld Gerbil

The Bushveld Gerbil (Tatera leucogaster), relies on areas that have a specific type of soil for them to live in, as can be seen by their distribution in the park. They can live up to 4 years and get to a weight of 150 grams.

Kruger Park Bushveld Gerbil DistributionKruger Park Bushveld Gerbil Distribution Map

The Bushveld Gerbil has a scattered distribution throughout the Kruger National Park, but do occur in all habitats of the park where suitable soil is available for the Gerbils to excavate their burrows. They are more common in the central and northern areas of the park. They can be seen in Satara Camp at night.

More Information On Kruger's Bushveld Gerbil

Bushveld Gerbils are nocturnal but can be seen during the day close to the entrances of their burrows. They are preyed upon by Owls, Snakes, African Wild Cat and Serval mainly in the Kruger Park, as well as other raptors. They depend on water and are omnivorous in their feeding habits.

Kruger Park Bushveld Gerbil Gallery

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