Kruger Park Mammals - Bushpig

The Bushpig (Potamochoerus larvatus), is very similar to the Red River Hog and they are often classed as the same species. They can weigh up to 110 kilograms and live up to 15 years.

Bushpig distribution Kruger ParkKruger Park Bushpig Distribution Map

The Bushpig is very rare in the Kruger Park and if you see this creature you are very lucky. There is a resident Bushpig or 2 around the Biyamiti bushveld camp and in the north of the park they are more common than anywhere else. I have seen one in the thicket along the Sabie River in Skukuza and there are sightings all along the Crocodile River that have been reported. Early morning drive along the Nyala Drive (Road) in the Pafuri region could yield Bushpig!

More Information On Kruger's Bushpig

Not a lot is known about the Bushpig in the Kruger, they have fallen prey to Leopard, Lion and Spotted Hyaena. Bushpig are nocturnal and do become active on very cold Winter days.

Kruger Park Bushpig Gallery

There are currently no photos of the Bushpig.