Kruger Park Mammals - Burchell's Zebra

The Burchells Zebra (Equus burchelli), sometimes called the Common or Plains Zebra, is one of the more common larger ungulates in the park. They can weigh up to 350 kilograms and live up to 25 years.

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The Burchells Zebra is common throughout The Kruger, especially in the Pretoriuskop and central areas, where herds of 100's can be seen. The average herd size of Burchells Zebra in The Kruger is about 30 animals.

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The Burchell's Zebra is often found alongside Buffalo and Blue Wildebeest, where they graze over 50 species of grasses. Lion and Crocodile are the Burchell's Zebra's main predators in the Kruger, but Cheetah, Wild Dog, Spotted Hyaena and leopard also prey on this common mammal.

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