Kruger Park Mammals - African Buffalo

The African Buffalo (Syncerus caffer), sometimes called the Cape Buffalo, is one of the Big Five. They can weigh up to 850 kilograms and live up to 20 years.

Kruger Park banded Mongoose DistributionKruger Park African Buffalo Distribution Map

The African Buffalo is common throughout the Kruger National Park, especially in the central and northern areas. Where Buffalo occur, you can be sure that there are Lion close by, as this is their preferred prey item in the Kruger. African Buffalo occur in all habitats in the Kruger but prefer woodland habitats. There is a high population of African Buffalo in the far north of the park.

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The African Buffalo can run up to 55km/h and are active during the day and night. Herds are made up of either: females and calves or males, older bulls are often found by themselves. The Buffalo in the Kruger Park can reach up to 800 in a single herd.

Kruger Park African Buffalo Gallery

African Buffalo "Dagga Boy" Kruger Park

KNP Buffalo, mother and calf

Kruger National Park African Buffalo