Kruger Park Mammals - Brown Hyaena

Brown Hyaena, (Hyaena brunnea) also known as the Strand Wolf, are very rare within the Kruger National Park, but there have been many sightings.

Kruger Park Brown Hyaena Sighting DistributionKruger Park Brown Hyaena Distribution Map

The Brown Hyaena is not known to be an actual resident in the Kruger Park, but rather a nomadic wanderer. Neighbouring game reserves have also recorded populations or sightings of Brown Hyaena, so it is possible that they are resident in the Park but because of their secretive habits, research will need to be done to prove this. The distribution graph on the left is areas where the Brown Hyaena have been recorded. A 2010 sighting was recorded in the Tshokwane area of the Kruger National Park, early morning on the S34 road.

More Information On Kruger's Brown Hyaena

Brown Hyaena's can move huge distances under darkness, as they are strictly nocturnal. They have been recorded hunting in the Kruger Park and have successfully brought down Kudu, Impala and Waterbuck.

Kruger Park Brown Hyaena Gallery

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