Kruger Park Mammals - Angoni Vlei Rat

The Angoni Vlei Rat (Otomys angoniensis) is a rat like rodent and belongs to the sub family known as Grooved Tooth Rats. They have very good senses: eyesight, smell and hearing. They are mainly active during daylight hours. They weigh roughly 250 grams.

Angoni Vlei Rat Distribution In The Kruger Park

The Angoni Vlei Rat has a patchy distribution and occurs in sourveld, thorn thicket, sandveld and in the far north riverine bush. They are most common in the Pretoriuskop region.

More Information On Kruger's Angoni Vlei Rat

The Angoni Vlei Rat live in colonies, in nests created by clumps of grass. They feed on grasses, wild herbs and the stems of reeds, similar to the Greater Cane Rat. They are not water dependant. The Angoni Vlei rat is typically a rodent that favours drier areas. They are preyed on by snakes, small cats and raptors.

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Angoni Vlei Rat Kruger National Park