The Lion Distribution in Kruger National Park

Male Lion on Kruger RoadIt is probably true to say that every first time visitor to the Kruger wants to see a lion. No doubt Leo is the King of the African Big 5 and the most often sought. Well the Kruger National Park or KNP does not disappoint in this area either with many lions being seen every day in most regions or sections of the park as you can see from the map.

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African LionessEach small green dot represents a single Lion sighting. It does not take into account how many Lions were seen a that point in time only that a sighting was made. Refer to the table below to see more detail on the actual numbers sighted. Lion normally move prides of females with cubs and 1 or 2 males in attendance for protection. Where there are dense clusters of Lion sighting dots on the map Lion Distribution Kruger Parksuggests this would be a prime area for spotting the Lion (they tend to "follow" their prey and buffalo is a prime target. The Lion can be seen over most of the Kruger and is frequently seen. Lions tend to hunt at night and laze around during the daytime.

Key to coloured dots ... Rest Camps, Trails and Camp Areas

Basis: March 2005 to Feb 2006 Ranger observations using GPS.

Source Kruger National park monthly GIS data published in pdf format on their website. Map created by Tony Roocroft using this data source.

Big 5 ... Monthly Sightings
Species African Lion
Mar 265
Apr 423
May 602
Jun 632
Jul 744
Aug 703
Sep 572
Oct 547
Nov 330
Dec 398
Jan 296
Feb 223
Total 5,735