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Kruger National Park Far More Than The Big Five BookThis Kruger National Park website was developed by my father, Tony Roocroft, to map all the roads in this wonderful wildlife heritage site. He completed the project and at the time of writing this is unfortunately not very well. His last wish was for all the information he gathered and put together over years of hard work was to be published... And this has become a reality, together with lots of help from Africa On Paper publishers the book is now available for sale, as you will see on the left. It is unlike any other Kruger National Park and shares everything you can imagine about the park... Please have a look at it, its great, just click the picture to learn more about the book.

The Original: Kruger National Park Map

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Kruger National Park MapExplore the magnificence and glory of this pristine wilderness... Far more than a large scale map of the Kruger National Park... it's a 24 page beautifully illustrated complete guide to the fabulous Kruger.

The Kruger National Park is a world icon and a South African treasure. Situated in the north east of South Africa and bordering Mozambique and Zimbabwe the Kruger stretches from Malelane in the south up to Pafuri gate in the north. It takes more than a day to travel from north to south along the main road at 50km per hour which is the maximum speed limit. There is a vast network of roads that transverse the park form north to south and east to west making it quite easy to spend a month in the Kruger in order to cover all the roads available.

Info Map: Kruger National Park & The Lowveld

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Kruger National park & Lowveld Info mapThis map covers what is possibly the most exciting region within the whole of South Africa. About 250kms east of Johannesburg the road starts to wind its way down from the Highveld to the Lowveld. The drive is characterised by amazing changes in scenery, temperature and vegetation as the highveld becomes the lowveld... a frost free area bordering on the sub tropical. The road continues to the Mozambique border and thereon to the Indian Ocean.

For more than any other reason the Lowveld is known best of all for the Kruger National park which sits on the north eastern edge of South Africa abutting both Mozambique and in the north Zimbabwe.

But the Lowveld is more than the Kruger, it is an area of amazing natural beauty, rivers, waterfalls, forests and the oldest geological formations in the world. These ages old mountains are to found in the Barbeton area south of the administrative capital, Nelspruit. It was in the lowveld that gold was first discovered in South Africa in a place called Pilgrim's Rest... the town has been reconstructed to appear just as it did in the early gold rush days.

Mpumalanga Lowveld and Kruger Park Tourist Map:

Mpumalanga Lowveld and Kruger Park Map Legend Includes the Following:

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