Fish Species Of The Kruger National Park Dams & Rivers

Tilapia swimming in the Sabie RiverThere are 53 species of fish that have been identified in the Kruger National Park's water systems, that include, marshes, rivers, streams, dams, pans and other bodies of water. These fish species play a vital role in the ecosystem, from the smallest minnows to the largest Barbel. Please read more about the fish of South Africa here. Three of these fish species are alien or invasive species. Read the journey taken to record all this information

Barbel and Terrapin in the Kruger National ParkThe more well known fish that occur in the Kruger are: Sharptooth Catfish, Tigerfish, Mudfish, Yellowfish, Redbreast Kurper, Mozambique Tilapia, Lungfish, Mottled Eel, Squeaker, Barbs, Makriel and Mouthbrooder. These are just a few of the fishes that swim in the Kruger National Park. There is a constant battle with the fish biologists in the park as Bass and Grass Carp occur in many of the large river systems, these were introduced, and potentially could form populations within the park that will affect our naturally occurring species. The beautiful Rainbow Killifish occurs within the rivers of the Kruger National Park. Fish in the Kruger National Park's water systems can easily be viewed from the bridges in the Park and at the Bird Hides, so keep your eyes open! Please also note that no fishing is permitted within the Kruger National Park.

Kruger National Park Fish Species Photo's

kruger park bream and tilapia: blue kurper The Blue Kurper (Mozambique Tilapia) is common in the Kruger.
Kruger park barbel and catfish There are some huge Barbel (Sharptooth Catfish) in the Kruger.