Walking In The Kruger National Park| Bush Walks & Trails

White Rhino On A Bush WalkIf you love being alone in nature, there is something you should consider. Walking in the Kruger National Park. The Kruger Park offers all sorts of bush walks and bush trails that the general public can go on accompanied by trained game rangers. All the main rest camps in the Kruger National Park offer bush walks, normally about 3 hours, which take you on an amazing interesting walk through the wild bush. The rangers will show you all sorts of amazing things such as plants, insects, tracks, and offer superb information on all of them. You also could encounter large and small mammals on your walk and get close enough to them to experience what people were 100's of years a go. A Kruger National Park Bush Walk from the camps is a must do! Read the journey taken to record all this information

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Private Overnight Bush Walks

Great Spotted CuckooThe Kruger National Park also offers walking trails of 4 days or so. This will be the most amazing experience of your life. You sleep over at the designated base camp in comfortable huts and walk in different areas from there each day. The trained rangers ensure your safety and provide you with priceless bush knowledge. Listed below are the Trails and which camp they are closest to:

Walking In The Kruger Camps?

Quite a few of the Kruger National Park rest camps offer short trails or path-driven walks through the camp, normally close to the perimeter fence. For anyone who has a bit of time, these walks are a must! Below you will find links to articles about the specific camp walk.