Gardenia Bird & Game Hide - Kruger National Park

Gardenia Bird Game Hide Kruger ParkGardenia Bird Hide is situated half way along the S119 route in the Kruger National Park and is a very under rated bird and game hide. There are always various species of birds and occasionally large mammals available to be viewed at close range here. I have had an amazing Elephant bull sighting at Gardenia, where it dug up some of the mud close to the water hole and proceeded to dig the mud up with his foot until it was deep enough for him to lie down in it and take a mud bath!

Gardenia Bird Hide, so named because of the array of lovely gardenia trees in the area which flower (yellow and creamy white blossoms) profusely in spring - located on the S119 near Malelane.

What Can Be Seen From the Gardenia Hide?

I have seen some amazing things at the Gardenia bird hide and the early morning periods (Before 9am) tend to be the best viewing periods and this is when the Gardenia Hide is the most active.

Game Viewing: African Elephant, Bushbuck, African Lion, Honey Badger, Buffalo, Impala, Kudu, Wild Dog, Tomb bats, Giraffe, Horseshoe Bats.

Birding: Burchell's Starling, Woodland Kingfisher, Redchested Cuckoo, Yellowbilled Hornbill, Cape Turtle Dove, Grey Go Away Bird, Natal Spurfowl, Blacksmith Lapwing, Forktailed Drongo, Emerald Spotted Wood Dove, White Faced Duck, Water Thick Knee, Crested Spurfowl, Carmine Bee Eater, Blackcrowned Tchagra, Thickbilled Cuckoo, Blackbellied Starling, Comb Duck, Greater Honeyguide, Cattle Egret, Egyptian Goose, Hadeda Ibis.

Photo's From Kruger's Gardenia Bird/Game Hide

African Elephant Taking a mud bath at gardenia hide

Drinking Elephant at Gardenia Hide

Whitefaced ducks at gardenia hide

Water Dikkop at Gardenia hide