Drives In and Around the Skukuza Camp Vicinity in the Kruger National Park

In June 2006 I completed a 5 day stay in the Park and did a number of drives mainly in the Satara region but to get there I stayed one night at Skukuza camp. This page is a list of the drives completed in the Skukuza area which includes a description of one of the most incredible sightings I've ever made. Of course I only touched the surface of this major and spectacular region. Over the next few months I will also complete these drives as part of my total project to cover all publicly accessible roads in the Kruger National Park.

Skukuza Rest Camp

Southern Ground Hornbill Kills Large Monitor Lizard Near Sabie River  One of the most amazing sights I've ever witnessed in the Kruger and surrounding Reserves.

Another 5 Spell-Binding Days in the Kruger National Park The entrance at Numbi then onto Skukuza along the sand roads S1 and S3

White Rhino Middens, Rhino Scrapings & Harry Wolhuter on the S1 Sand Road The S1 sand road is one of the best places to see White Rhino activity and there was no shortage on this day also.

Lake Panic Bird Hide on Mafunyana Creek One of those very special Kruger places yet so few visit it.

H1-2 to Satara via Tshokwane from Skukuza. We view a Leopard Kill Did we see a record Giant Stick Insect at Skukuza?

Our First Lion (Pregnant Lioness?) of the Trip on the H1-3 to Satara. The shortest day of the year, June 26th, magnifcent sunsets and veld fires too...

Crocodile Kills Female Bushbuck at Lake Panic Kruger National Park

An African Lion (Lioness) Calling for Her Cubs Kruger National Park

Albasini Ruins at Phabeni Gate | H11 and S1 from Kruger Gate

Skukuza and Sabie River to Tshokwane Via Salitje & Vutomi Roads | S30 to S36, S35, S37, S33 & S34.

Skukuza South via Shirimantanga & Mpondo Dam | S114, H5, S26, S113, S102, S108, S23, S113, H3

Biyamiti Loop | Crocodile and Veld Monitor Lizard at Biyamiti Weir S23, S114, S113, H2-2 & H3

Kruger Park Water Lilies ... Most Blue WaterLilies Started Life in Africa

Mating Lions at River Sabie | S112, S22 for Shirimantanga, S21 N’Watimhiri Rd to H4-1

Pretoriuskop Rest camp

Crocodile Bridge Rest camp

Biyamiti Bushveld Camp

Malelane Satellite Camp

Berg-en-Dal Rest Camp

Berg-en-Dal Rhino Trail