Drives in and Around Pretoriuskop Rest Camp

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White RhinoThe area around Pretoriuskop is very different to to other regions of The Kruger. It is also steeped in history since the way to the East Coast used by early pioneers was through this area. Unfortunately I mistakenly deleted all the pages relating to my visit to the area and am left only with these brief summaries below.

The S65 Skukuza to Pretoriuskop | 4 Lion Cubs Exposed in Dry River bed

One of the highlights was being able to watch 4 x 2 months old lions cubs that had been left on a dry river bed by the mother while she went off somewhere. I was able to watch for almost an hour before I had to leave to make sure the camp was reached before closing time. Mother had not returned at that stage.

The Shabeni Loop, and a Rock 759 Metres High

If you want to see a gigantic-size boulder and experience wonderful views of it from all sides and also have a great vantage point to see the surrounding Savannah then take this drive.

The Pretoriuskop Circle and Fayi Loops

The roads around here get a bit complicated with all the circles and loops but well worth the effort to drive them all.

Rhinos on the way to Delagoa Bay via Voortrekker Historical Road

Jock Of The BushveldTake a look at the birthplace of “Jock of the Bushveld”, rest where transport riders in the 1870’s used a large Leadwood Tree for shooting practice and where a trader was murdered in the night at Josekhulu crossing about the same time.