Kruger Drives Using Olifants Camp as the Base


I completed the drives in this area earlier in September.

Hippos Galore and a Single Rhino on S91
Before completing the short loop S91 road I admired the Shimiri Koppie alonside the main H1-5 road and then witnessed an amusing incident at the Olifants River look out point at N’Wamanzi.

The Hyaena Den S90
Waypoint 461 was the Hyaena’s den. There were a few juveniles (3) and a small single puppy (probably 4 weeks old). The Hyaena left in charge was lying down sleeping. It would wake up occassionally make sure all was OK and then lie down again.

Drive to Orpen Gate along H7. Visit to Rabelais Hut on S106
Rabelais Hut was the entrance to the Kruger at Orpen Gate up to 1954. The Orpen Gate was named after James Havelock Orpen and his wife Eileen who bought and donated 7 farms to the Kruger.

S39: Ratel Pan Bird Hide and Piet Grobler Dam. I Miss Leopard but marvel at Sand Grouse Family
Wonderful riverine drive … animals galore, wonderful bird hide and rocky scenery. At Ngotso dam I just miss a Leopard but make up for this with an unusual sighting and get back to Camp as sun sets.

Large Crocodile Swims Under Olifants River Bridge and Kori Bustard All Puffed Up
Drove the 100 kms or so to Rabelais Hut to be able to start the drive down to Tshokwane via Talamati Bush Camp. Long way to go today since I would be staying at Pretoriuskop tonight.

Sleeping Lions, Vultures and Sausage Trees
Wonderful riverine drive along the N’Wanwitsontso River via Talamati Bush Camp. Witnessed Elephant digging for water in river bed. N’Wanwitsontso means a river that flows under the sand. See Bearded Woodpecker and Coqui Francolins (Spurfowl) for first time ever.

Corumana Dam Threatens Kruger Gorge Hot on the heels of the awareness that the Massingir Dam in Mozambique will soon destroy the prime breeding areas of the Olifants River crocodiles another intended dam wall height increase is about to threaten the last gorge in the Kruger to be found on a perennial river system.

Flooding of Olifants Gorge May Destroy Nile Crocodile Breeding Ground I've created this page in response to a post I saw on the SAN Parks forum and posted by a Texas USA member.Crocodile breeding ground threatened ... the post contains an article from the UK's Daily Telegraph and comment from a Kruger Park spokesman signifying the report was probably correct and that Mozambique had not consulted with SANParks about the potential threat to this important crocodile breeding area.

Google Earth and The Kruger ... take a look at how you can use Google Earth to view the Kruger.