Kruger Park Drives By Section - Best Birding & Game Drives In The Kruger

Kruger Park sections for bird and game self drivesThe Kruger National Park is a vast wilderness area and can be intimidating when one first starts to plan a trip here. This page will act as a guide for you, so you can end up making the best choice for your next Kruger National Park safari and game viewing expedition. This page should be used as a home base when planning your Kruger experience, the reasons why will be explained further below. The information on this page and other pages linked to it is many, many years in the making and shares 100's of days, 1000's of sightings and 10's of 1000's of kilometers in the Kruger National Park, the World's Greatest Game Reserve. By clicking the 4 section links below, you will be taken to a page that lists the areas that are broken down and all the roads within those areas. This will definitely help you enjoy your Kruger experience and hopefully it will turn it into a trip of a life time!
Read the journey taken to record all this information

To simplify things, I have divide the Kruger National Park into 4 sections:

  1. South
  2. Central
  3. North
  4. Far North

These areas have been divided further into sub areas, so we can assess the main areas above in much more detail. In these sub areas, which can be seen on the map above (Please click to enlarge) list every road in that specific area of the Kruger National Park. Furthermore, information on the road is given; information such as birding and game viewing quality, and what species of animal you are likely to encounter on the road, thus giving you a good idea of what roads would suit you best when looking for certain species of animal, be it mammals, birds, reptiles or insects!

*No information will be given as to sightings or recordings of Pangolin, Black Rhino and White Rhino.

The Has Rated The 6 Best Sand/Gravel Roads In The Park and they are as follows:

  1. S130
  2. S25
  3. S100
  4. Red Rocks Loop
  5. Sweni River Road
  6. Marula Loop