Kruger Park Roads & Drives - S25 Crocodile River Road

Crocodile river road s25The S25, the Crocodile River Road, is one of the best sand and dirt roads in the Kruger and is well known for many big 5 sightings and other amazing wildlife sightings. Its is a 44 kilometer road that follows the southern-most border of the Kruger, the Crocodile River. This road is great to drive in the early morning. The abundance of wildlife on this road is no surprise due to the riverine bush, and acacia thicket. Be on the lookout for Leopard around the Hlongo river area on the S25.

What Can Be Seen On The S25 Crocodile River Road

Game Viewing: Lion, Buffalo, Leopard, Elephant, Wild Dog, Spotted Hyaena, Caracal, Impala, Steenbok, Kudu, Bushbuck, Blue Wildebeest, Warthog, Giraffe, Nile Crocodile, Hippo, Vervet Monkey, Slender Mongoose, Tree Squirrel.

Birding: African Fish Eagle, Lesser Spotted Eagle, Hooded Vulture, Whitebacked Vulture, Rednecked Spurfowl, Natal Spurfowl, Crested Spurfowl, Redbreasted Swallow, Lesser Striped Swallow, Laughing Dove, Cape Turtle Dove, Forktailed Drongo, Greater Blue Eared Starling, Burchell's Starling, Redbilled Oxpecker, African Pied Wagtail, Blacksmith Lapwing, Water Thick Knee, Threebanded Plover, Magpie Shrike, Woodland Kingfisher, Pied Kingfisher, Crested Barbet, Chinspot Batis, Great Egret.

Photo's Of The S25 Crocodile River Road

Buffalo on croc river road s25 Warthog on croc river road s25
Redbilled Oxpecker on s25 croc river road New born vervet monkey on s25