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My father, Tony Roocroft (pictured below making some voice notes in the park) took up an expedition armed with a GPS and a camera in the mid 2000's and drove all the roads open to the public in the amazing Kruger National Park... He wrote down all his adventures during this period and built this amazing website.

Tony Roocroft

I now maintain and update it. My name is Gareth Roocroft, I am Tony's son and he passed on his passion for nature, wildlife and photography onto me. I hope you enjoy this site as much as I love maintaining and updating it. Please contact me if you have any queries or questions.

I have other websites such as Fish The Sea, Fish The Fly, Birds In Sa, and most importantly, our new amazing website that you will just love, Stories Of The Kruger!

Kruger National Park Far More Than The Big Five BookThis Kruger National Park website was developed by my father, Tony Roocroft, to map all the roads in this wonderful wildlife heritage site. He completed the project and at the time of writing this is unfortunately not very well. His last wish was for all the information he gathered and put together over years of hard work was to be published... And this has become a reality, together with lots of help from Africa On Paper publishers the book is now available for sale, as you will see on the left. It is unlike any other Kruger National Park and shares everything you can imagine about the park... Please have a look at it, its great, just click the picture to learn more about the book.

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