Where To Find/See/Look For Aardvark (Antbear) In the Kruger National Park

The Aardvark is a very shy animal in general and hard to find in the Kruger National Park. They do occur and their numbers are fairly high, they are hard to find because of their sensitivity to noise, so if they here a car coming they will scatter, and also because they are most active in the Kruger National Park between 9pm and 3am. Below is a guide of where to specifically look for Aardvark in the Kruger National Park, its starts off with a list of the best areas to visit and roads to drive and there is a distribution map of the hotspots of where this animal occurs most frequently.

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What Roads, Waterholes, Lookouts & Camps Are Best To See The Aardvark In The Kruger National Park?

Where to see aardvark in kruger parkThe Best Places In The Kruger National Park To See Aardvark Can Be Viewed On The Map - Please Click On The Map To Enlarge The Areas