Waypoints Of The Kruger National Park

The numbers and links below refer to the following: the number is the actual waypoint number referred to in the various articles and pages. The link when click will take you to the article or page in which that waypoint is discussed in context. The sections are broken down into main areas eg Punda Maria, Shingwedzi etc to help you get your bearings …

Punda Maria Area

1 The day visitor centre
2 Excellent views of Thulamila hill
3 Excellent views of Thulamila hill
4 The turn off to the Thulamila view site
9 African Long tailed Shrike
10 Small waterhole
11 Coinciding with the junction of the H1-7 and H1-8 main roads
12 Landscape differences
13 Looking west shows a very common sight throughout the national park
14 The Mandadzizi borehole
15 An area where a new mound was being formed
16 Magnificent specimens of ancient Baobab trees on this drive
17 Large rock structure and in view of the flatness of the bush
18 Close to the Kremetart borehole
19 Mashikiri borehole
19 The turn off to the "Tropic of Capricorn"
20 Sweet and varied bird calls (including that of a grey loerie)
21 Borehole and chance to see elephants and various other types of game
22 There are 4 adventure trails
23 A famous spot in the Kruger
24 Baobab Hill
25 First of 2 bridges that cross the Luvuvhu
26 Entrance road (private) to the Makaleka and Pafuri Camp
27 The start of the long and ordinary drive to Pafuri Gate
28 The entrance to the "Outpost" concessionary private lodge
29 The least used Park entrance
30 Examples of tree scenery
31 A wonderful roadside example with unusual reddish colouration
32 Luvuvhu river and road crossing over the river
33 Marks the spot where I turned off the H1-8.
36 The animals, birds and wildlife galore are just a great bonus
37 Straight dry river bed looking west from the road
38 The high Luvuvhu river flood point
40 Pafuri Picnic Spot, close to the River Luvuvhu
41 A tree and on it is marked the Luvuvhu river flood level
43 Chance of seeing a crocodile
44 The Luvuvhu river meets the Limpopo which is one of Africa’s mighty rivers.
45 The drive to the South Africa Police Services
46 The Pafuri and Luvuvhu drive the drive back to the main road was quite a let down
49 A beautiful water lily "pond"
50 The man road for the drive back to Punda Maria
51 The loop started for me since I decided to to travel in an anti-clockwise direction.
52 2 hills and wonderful close up views of a wide variety of trees and shrubs growing on the hillsides
53 The Witsand borehole in a large clearing
54 Lions can be seen at this point. 
55 A "Deadliest Candelabra Euphorbia" so called because its latex is extremely poisonous
56 This had to be an area inviting all sorts of wildlife.
57 Beautiful stretch of the drive
59 A photo of an unusual fruit that I have not identified
60 Bright orange spiky cylindrical fruit was being feasted upon by a range of insects including ants.
61 The location of the J J Coetzer borehole named after J J Coetzer who was a Park ranger
62 The end of the loop
63 The woodlands of to meet the vast Mopane plains
66 The turn off to take the climb up to the Dzundzini look out spot on the S58 loop road
67 The direction to Shingwedzi.
70 A short detour to the Makamwa bore bole
72 White-backed Vulture sharing a tree with a Lappet-faced Vulture
73 A roadside elephants and female Nyala


75 The banks of the Shingwedzi River
76 The excellent close-to-river viewing points
77 The bridge across the Shingwedzi
78 A short drive through riverine treed areas up to the joining of the rivers Shingwedzi from the south and Mphongolo from the north
79 The short 3 km loop on the S55 that runs close to the river then rejoined the main road
81 A snake that had been run over
82 The turn off to make the S57 loop rive
84 83 The turn off to the Sirheni Bush Camp private road
85 A dry river bed on the left with spectacular lush green banks
86 A dry river bed, there’s another pair of Saddle Billed Storks
87 The Babalala Picnic Spot where Elvis was terrorised by an elephant.
88 2 more examples of Kruger Beauty
89 More elephants
90  A large tree full of small green fruits 
91 The start of the Mpholongo route
92 Large family of elephants
93 The far river bank
94 The river and consists of dense woodland
95 The end of the loop
97 The turn off to the 3 km Causeway loop that led back to the Shingwedzi camp
98 The 2000 flood level marking
99 The Shingwedzi River causeway with the camp restaurant
100 The Mashagadzi watering point
101 The edge of the Shingwedzi River
102 Butterflies Galore
The turn off to see the wall of the Kanniedood Dam itself

104 An excellent view of riverside mud cliffs
105 A lone Giraffe
106 An interesting historical site with a plaque
110 The Sasol sponsored Nyawutsi
111 3 Ground Hornbills
112 Kostini Hill
113 The creek Hlamvu
114 The magnificent hills in the Lebombo range of mountains called Kumba
115 The hill called after a wild sour plum
116 A sudden change in grass colour
117 A significant change in scenery
118 A Baobab tree
120 A beautiful watering hole
121 S143 which leads to the main Shingwedzi Mopani road
122 The turn off to the S49 loop road to the main road
123 A series of 14 experimental fire plots
124 Fire extension plot number 8 separated by wide grass corridors
126 The spot where the Mooiplaas section of the loop road
127 The Mopani Rest Camp
128 The turn off to the Mooiplaas Ranger post
129 Two large fluffy nests surrounded by filamentous webs
130 Tropic of Capricorn monument
131 Footprints in the sand
132 Dry Nkodozi River bed
View of the Shingwedzi close to the camp and the Marabou Storks

134 The turn off the main H1-6
An "S" shaped track in the sand first seen at the side of the road
Not all mammals in the Kruger are big and fearsome.
137 Male or bull elephant
138 The crossing of the Shingwedzi River
139 The viewpoint for Red Rocks
140 The Dwarf Mongoose
141 The crossing of the Tshange River
142 Tshanga Hill
143 The S52 crosses the Shingwedzi
144 a garden to be proud of
145 The Vervet Monkey
146 The Wild Calabash
147 The end of a wonderful full morning’s drive through forest
148 The Dzombo West borehole
149 The junction to the Tropic of Capricorn Loop
151 A lot of Zebra and smaller number of  Buffalo
152 A lot of Zebra and smaller number of  Buffalo
153 The Nwambu (Lowveld Milkberry Tree)
154 Olifantsbad water pan
A nice example of a Termite mound

157 A Juvenile
159 A Shingwedzi River (spotted a squirrel)
160 A dead African Rock Python
161 Baobab tree
162 The start of the 61 kms drive to Phalaborwa 
164 The crossing of the Kaleka River
165 Large Mopane trees
166 A long series of Termite mounds
167 The turn off the private road to Boulders Camp
169 The area right down to the Shimuwini Bush Camp turnoff
170 The crossing of the great Limpopo River
171 The Letaba camp
172 The Nwgenyeni Creek
173 View of a gorge that ran alongside the road and through which the Ngwenyeni Creek
174 A beautiful view of a gorge that ran alongside the road and through which the Ngwenyeni Creek passed
175 Nwgenyeni Creek
176 Road to Letaba
177 The Shikumbu rock formation
178 Letaba to Phalaborwa main road
180 Sable Dam
181 The gate at Phalaborwa entrance

Skukuza Area

208 Was the turn off to the S1
210 Mestel earthen dam
211 The crossing over the Phabeni Creek
212 The turn off to the S7 was an amazing large almost flat granite surface
213 The main Phabeni to Skukuza road
215 Tree with parallel trunks that has been subjected to some serious Rhino
216 A small stream of which all that remained were small pools around which butterflies were fluttering
217 A tributary of the Sabie
218 A wide gently flowing tributary of the Sabie with signs of elephants prominent.
219 The end of the short road
220 A dry river crossing
221 Joined the main H11 road close to the Paul Kruger Gate 
222 The turn off to visit Lake Panic bird hide
223 Two quite large thatched dining areas just outside the cafeteria
225 The crossing points over the Sabie and Sand Rivers
226 The crossing points over the Sabie and Sand Rivers
227 Little drive called the Maroela Loop
228 A crossing point over a wide expanse of dry river bed
229 End of the Maroela loop
230 A tree close to the Mantimahle Dam
231 A small water hole close to the road on the right hand side is located
232 Olifantdrinkgat. A large herd of Buffalo were resting on the far bank of dam
233 2 large rocky outcrops on the right
234 The rock memorial in honour of Eileen Orpen
235 The familiar Kruger Tablets monument
236 Marked the turn off to Leeupan (Lion Pan) some 7kms south west of Tshokwane
237 Silolweni Dam
238 Tshokwane
239 A small herd of Waterbuck
240 The first of 4 Lion sightings
241 Short loop
242 African Hoopoe
243 A beautiful large open pan called Kumana
244 Famous Baobab tree in the Kruger
245 A dry stream bed you need to cross on the way there
246 A stream we crossed there were a small group of White-backed Vultures perched in a tree
247 Small family of Zebra blocking the road
248 The bridge over the Sweni River
249 Massive grass fires to the north east
250 The bridge over the N’Wanetsi River another good lookout point
550 A low level stream crossing
551 the long term expermental eXclosures
552 a plaque that stated that some unknown prospectors were looking for gold or diamonds at this point somewhere around 1879 to 1880
553 a lookout point opposite a large rock face on the far side of the Salitje River
554 the junction of the S128 with the S30
555 Elephants and numerous Zebra along the drive up
the junction of the S128 with the H10 and I saw quite a few Giraffe and a couple
of Steenbok

557 along the S37 the landscape changed from open tree savannah to dense thornbush
558 the junction of the S37 with H1-3
559 a wide dry sandy river bed
560 the Tinhgongana Borehole and Vutomi Pan at the Ripape Creek
561 the S36 and headed north towards the Nhlanguleni Picnic Spot via the Lugmag (Airforce) Dam
562 the S36 and headed north towards the Nhlanguleni Picnic Spot via the Lugmag (Airforce) Dam
564 the N’Gwenyeni Dam
565 the Nhlanguleni Picnic Spot, built in March 1962
566 road junction markers
567 road junction markers
568 Tshokwane
569 a photograph of a recently formed termite mound.
571 Skukuza Airport
572 the main H1-1 and drove down the S114 for about 5 kms before passing Shirimantanga Koppie
573 the brown, green and grey-coloured lichen covered boulders of Renosterkoppies (Rhino Hills)
574 the junction of the S114 with the H5 and at this point also there used to be a well known Selati Railway Halt known as Kemp’s Cottage
575 a man-made grass-covered dam wall
576 the road, S102 that goes past would take past the Mpondo Dam
577 a large body of water
578 Mpondo Dam
579 crossed the Bume River
581 the Bume Road
582 Sandspruit Road to the very short S108
583 Bume River
584 turned right and headed north west, where 3 roads joined: the S26, S114 and S113
585 borehole Muhlambamadvube named after the stream that goes on to join the Byamiti
586 the S113 junction at waypoint 586, drove 3 kms or so to the H3 main road
587 The H3 main road that goes down to Afsaal
588 the Byamiti Road bridge
589 just before Afsaal is where the road winds its way through a series of koppies on both sides of the road that are most impressive and which rise to 400 metres
590 leaving Afsaal, down the H2-2, past a Jock of the Bushveld monument to once more get onto the S114 
591 a historical point and plaque originally named Fihla-Manzi or hidden water.
592 The lost spruit Fihlamanzi
593 the Biyamiti Weir where a large crocodile was lying facing upstream in front of the weir
594 the point where the S23 and S114 converge at the start of the Biyamiti Loop
595 a viewpoint over the river and an impressive display of 5 large boulders stood proud in the river bed
596 the bridge crossing the Muhlambamadvube River on the main H3 road
597 there was a family group of 6 Southern Ground Hornbills demolishing a pile of Elephant Dung
598 the Delaporte watering point donated by Kel and Thomas Freeborn
599 the turn onto the S112
600 is the turn onto the S22 short loop to the Stevenson-Hamilton monument
601 Shirimantanga
602 The turn off onto the S21, the N’Watimhiri Road
603 A crossing of the upper N’Watimhiri River and on the right is Siyalu Hill, or Rock Koppie formation
604 Watering point donated by family and friends of Noel Bourhill for his dedication to Nature Conservation
605 The N’Watimhiri watering point supplied with 2 windmills
606 The crossing of the Mhlupheka Stream which is a tributary of the N’Watimhiri River
607 A large mudhole and while it was quiet today it is obviously well used
608 The junction with the H4-1
609 The initial turn off
610 The banks of the Sabie to the N’Watimhiri Causeway
611 The N’Watimhiri Loop that would bring me back onto the main road
612 The spot where I stopped to watch the Lions mating
613 Bridge over the N’watinwambu River
614 Nkhulu Picnic Spot

Satara Area

251 Satara Camp
254 Lappet-faced Vulture 
255 Puffadder slowly crossing the S90
256 a couple of small birds at the Mavumbye Creek
257 a couple of small birds at the Mavumbye Creek
258 a couple of small birds at the Mavumbye Creek
259 A wonderfully mysterious waterhole on the Mapetane Creek
260 The turn off to the S41
261 Gudzani Creek
262 Gudzani East watering point
263 Another crossing of the Gudzani before it joins with a small stream from the east
264 A small crocodile was sunbathing on a rock in one of the Mavumbye pools
265 Entrance/exit point for the Mananga 4 x 4 trail
266 The magnificent Gudzani Dam
267 The turn off to the S100 leading back to Satara
268 Wonderful view overlooking the N’Wanetsi
270 Another Mananga trail marker
271 A solar panel watering point donated by Hendrik Alberts
272 A stream crossing where we saw Buffalo and Giraffe
273 The S90 and S100 routes
274 Msemani Dam and Girivana Loop
275 The Girivana, S12 loop
276 A dry stream bed
277 The water hole just after the river crossing
278 Sweni River
280 A point where large boulders just “grew” out of the ground and became the start of a ridge and more dense bush
281 The Welverdiend
282 Orchid growing in the fork of a tree
283 The junction with the S36, at this point we turned left to the Muzandeni
284 Picnic denoted
285 Rockvale watering hole
286 Junction with the main H7 road, turn left to look out from the Bobbejaan (Baboon) Krans
287 SataraPhelwana River
288 Bobbejaan Krans there is a get out point and a beautiful bench has been placed
289 Turn onto the S39 heading towards the Timbavati picnic spot 32 kms away
290 A lookout over the dry Timbavati River
291 Crossing over a small dry river where we saw a herd of Impala
292 Leeubron (Lion Spring) watering facility sponsored by First National Bank 
293 Dry Timbavati River bed 
295 Single tree half of which was completely covered in a vine of some sort
296 Sandspruit stream just before it enters the Timbavati
297 Timbavati Pan where Giraffe with splayed legs were drinking
298 Timbavati picnic spot
299 Magabayane Koppies
300 Nsemani Koppies
303 An unseen Leopard kill
304 Buffalo and elephant
305 Shishangani watering hole
306 Sonop watering point next to the Shishangani
307 The N’Wanetsi Picnic Spot
308 The Sweni Bird Hide
309 The Sweni Bird Hide
310 Low level crossing of the Sweni
311 A large herd of male Impala in a clearing between the thornveld
312 The turn off from the S37 onto the S35 heading towards Orpen Dam and, before that, the Harry Wolhuter monument
313 Well known Kruger Park stories the spot where Harry Wolhuter (H C Wolhuter, Sabie Game Reserve, was an early Park Ranger) was attacked on August 26th, 1903 by one of 2 lions that had pounced on his horse
314 Well known Kruger Park stories 
316 A turn off to the Trail Camp
317 A range of Fever Trees
318 Turn off to the Orpen Dam
319 Small river bed
320 Orpen Dam look out point
321 Junction with the H10 onto which we turned left and headed to the Nkumbe look out point
322 Nkumbe look out point
323 Another look out point almost opposite the Nkumbe
324 The bridge crossing the N’Waswitsonto River 
325 Unusual tree full of long seed pods
326 A Bateleur Eagle
327 Turned left onto the H12 to cross the Sabie River low water bridge
328 Remarkable incident
329 The crossing of the Msimuku river characterised by a few pools with no flow
330 Mathekanyane Granite Hill 
331 Short drive to the top presents a splendid view looking west
332 Spectacular boulder formations one on each side of the road which are the home of Klipspringers
333 Spectacular boulder formations one on each side of the road which are the home of Klipspringers
334 A look out point close to the Transport Dam 
335 A large herd of Waterbuck were at the actual dam
336 Napi Boulder a memorial to Justice J F Ludorf who was a board member of the Kruger and also Chairman
337 The surrounding bush opens up significantly to provide a view of Shitlhave Hill in the distance
338 The dam named after the hill and donated by Fred and Thelma Bornmann
339 A marker indicating the grave of Willem Pretorius who died and was buried at this point in 1845

Letaba Area

371 The confluence of the Tsendze with an unknown river
372 Mooiplaas Picnic spot
373 Pioneer dam
374 Tsendze River
375 Shipandane Sleep-Over Bird Hide is on the banks of the pool 
376 The second bird hide in the immediate vicinity and on the banks of the Pioneer Dam
377 The “private” road to the Boulders Bush camp down the S146
380 Close to Frazersus at a dry river bed and broken down windmill
382 The Ntomeni Pan (meaning “At The Jackalberry Tree”)
383 The turn off to the Uitspan watering point
384 The turn off to the Uitspan watering point
385 The H1-6 and headed north to Shingwedzi
395 The first marker and it indicates the turn off onto the S131 and within a couple of kilometres for the first time ever, a nesting Vulture to the right hand side of the road
396 The Ngwenyeni watering point where elephants were drinking from the concrete circular
397 The junction with the H14
398 The S131 sand road
400 Picture of a good sized Elephant bull with large tusks
402 Short sand road stretch was the Marhumbyeni watering point a few hundred yards off the road to the left
403 The junction with the m,ain H14
404 Shilawuri Loop sand road started and more importantly it marked the magnificent Shilawuri Koppie
405 The S96, to complete other loop drives closer to Letaba
406 An example of what is called Grey and Pink Granite or Gneiss Rocks “cut by light coloured pegmatite veins”
407 The look out point over the Nhlangeni River
408 A beautiful late afternoon shot of a cliff face in magnificent sandstone type colors
409 The turn-off to the S69 short loop road running alongside the Nhlageni River
410 Zebra and Impala in the area
411 The S95 of about 2kms in length to be completed
412 Another small looop road
413 The crossing of the N’Wanetsi dry river bed.
414 Tsendze River loop
416 The concrete spillway of the Mingerhout Dam
417 The N’wanetsi 
418 The junction with the S131
419 Crossed the N’Wanetsi 
420 The N’wanetsi watering point
421 The junction with the S133
422 The Jumbo watering point
423 private road to Boulders Camp
427 An airfield
428 A dry river bed
429 An impressive boulder koppie
431 The way to Giriyondo is the Masiterata Cree
433 Makhadzi Picnic Spot 
434 The start of the S46 road
435 The Nhlanganeni (means “at the reeds”) dry river crossing
436 Shows that the distance from here to Olifants Camp
437 Unidentified brown eagle perched high on a dead tree
438 The tar road crossing of the Nhlanganeni River
439 The road to the Engelhard Dam on the S46
440 The Nhlanganeni was crossed again
441 The southern end of the Engelhard Dam wall
442 The low level crossing of a river
443 I turned left onto the S93 road heading south to Olifants
444 The left bank of the Letaba
445 Is a very striking rock face running down into a gulley
446 Close to a beautiful old Baobab tree
447 The turn off to the S93
448 the closest a visitor can get to the Olifants River Gorge
449 the Olifants worth stopping at to admire this truly great river
450 the junction with the S93
451 the junction with the H8 tar road leading up to the Olifants Camp
452 Superb viewpoint over the plains and looking upstream of the Olifants River
453 Bungalow 58 at the camp

Olifants Area

454 The H8 towards the junction with the main H1-5 
455 A large Sycamore Fig tree overlooking the perennial Olifants Rive
456 An amazing koppie that reminded me of a man-made dry brick wall on a gigantic scale
457 The well known viewpoint overlooking the Olifants at Nmwamanzi
458 The junction of the H1-5 with the S91 loop leading to Balule 5 kms away
459 The turn off to the S90. Balule is 1 km from here and the low level crossing of the Olifants is just a few metres away
460 Balule camping spot
461 The Hyaena’s den
462 The S89 and S90 junction, a Bateleur Eagle perched very close to the road
463 A crossing of a small stream flowing gently, very muddy and showing lots of rushes growing in the creek bed
465 The S90 and S41 junction there was a herd of 10 Waterbuck
466 The crossing of the Gudzani as it comes out of the Dam
467 A crossing of the N’Wanetsi that flows almost directly west to east across the Park to join the Gudzani closer to the N’wanetsi Picnic Spot
468 A viewing point over the N’Wanetsi River just downstream of where the recenly joined Mavumbye and Gudzani had merged into a single stream
471 A viewpoint overlooking the dry Timbavati River
472 The crossing of the dry river named after the “Pouched Mouse” in Tsonga
473 Giraffe, Wildebees, Impala, and Warthog
474 The turn off the the Tamboti Camp
475 The Maroela Campsite
476 Watering point and in a state of disrepair
477 The Rabelais Loop
Rabelais Hut which used to be the entrance point to the Park between 1926 and

479 Turn off to the Talamati Bush camp
480 Close by was the Rabelais Dam
481 Satara
482 Timbavati Picnic Spot
483 Where the S40 and the S39 meet
484 The Ratelpan Bird Hide and Roodewal watering hole
485 Ratelpan a watering point borehole driven and named after the Honey Badger by Jim Meiring
486 Sasol Ratelpan Hird Hide
487 A view of The Piet Grobler Dam
488 A section of a koppie that has a steep cliff-face leading into the Timbavati
489 Trees growing down rocky slopes next to a bend in the road
490 Trees growing down rocky slopes next to a bend in the road
491 Turn off to Roodewal Bush Lodge
492 Roodewal watering point and interesting landscape 
493 The bottom of the slole next to a small dam
494 Goedgegund watering point
495 The main H1-4 road that immediately became the H1-5 heading north
496 Ngotso small concrete dam
501 The western boudary of the Kruger Park
502 The Mahlabyanini watering point
503 The road leading into the Talamati Bush Camp
504  Lovely shady look out point where I saw male and female Nyala
Fairfield watering point sponsored by FNB

506  Intersection with the road to the Hoyo Hoyo Tsonga Lodge and Imbali Safari Lodge
507 Muzandzeni Picnic Spot
508  Shimangwaneni dam
509 Mondzweni watering point donated also by FNB
510  Ngwenyeni watering point donated by Allied Bank staff
513 A 2 windmill watering point called Mhisanamond named after the mouth of the Mhisana Creek mouth close by
514  Inform me that there were lions alongside the main tar road just north of the junction with the H1-3.
515 A mud hole N’Watinungu

Pretoriuskop Area

516 Crossing of the wide Mutlumuvi River
517 The mid point of the low level crossing of the Sand River
518 The turn-off to Phabeni Gate and Pretoriuskop Camp via the S65
519 A notice indicating that a combined research project between NASA, CSIR and the KNP was taking place in the area
520 N’Waswitshaka River along the S65 south west of Skukuza
522 Joined the main H1-1 tar road which left me with 32 kms to go to reach Pretoriuskop
523 A starting point for one of the Park’s Adventure Trails … Matlabantu
525 The end of the 3 km Shabeni loop
526 The exclosure, is one of the longest running fire and burn experiments
528 Wonderful distant views of the surrounding country facing north and west
529 The junction with the S19 and the S8 loop
530 The H2-2 junction with the camp entrance virtually
531 Short stretch of road I’d previously missed before turning
532 Fayi Loop
533 Crossed the Fayi River which was flowing slowly
534 Beautiful pool containing waterlilies
535 A historical point with a plaque
536 The northern point of Ship Mountain showing an “avalanche of brown rocks”
537 A monument … “Prior to 1876 Thomas Hart established an overnight stop at Josekhulu Drift for Black bearers
538 Where the first ever Kruger National Park concrete dam was built across the N’tomeni Spruit
539 Impressive Rock formations in this the Stolsnek Ranger area of the Kruger National Park
540 Bridge crossing the Mlambeni River
541 The crossing of the Matjuli River
542 The crossing of the Crocodile River just outside the Kruger National Park

Lower Sabie Area

616 Sunset Dam
617 Lower Sabie Rest Camp
618 Intersection markers on the route
619 Intersection markers on the route
620 Intersection markers on the route
621 Picnic spot at Mlondozi
622 Hill called N’wagovila Hill that overlooks the Mlondozi Dam
624 A herd of Zebra and every single one was standing upright looking South 
625 Loskop watering point
627 The S122 Muntshe Loop
628 Crossed the Mlondozi River again
629 A pride of lions in the grass
630 Sabie River
631 Turn off onto the S129, Phambana Loop, leading out of the shallow Mlondozi River valley
632 the S129 met the S128 and where I turned left heading back down to Lower Sabie
633 A family of 4 Southern Ground Hornbills including a juvenile
634 A beautiful plaque mounted on a dead tree stump
635 Lower Sabie Rest camp
636 Gomondwane road named after a forest in the area
637 A plaque regarding a donation to fund the watering point
638 Point with the S108 I passed earlier in the week while driving out of Skukuza
639 A plaque marked the planting of Gum Trees (non indigenous and still standing).
641 The exact marking of the tree relative to the road
642 The lookout point at the Vurhami River where a herd of Elephants with babies was walking close to the river bed
643 Turned onto the S130 Gomondwane Loop road, the S130
644 The S137 east towards the Duke watering point
645 Duke watering point (named in memory of Ranger Tom Duke, based at Lower Sabie from 1903 to 1923)
646 The junction with the S28
647 A significant mud hole with a variety of interesting flat rocks along the edges and a circular dome-shaped rock in the middle
648 The H4-
649 Mativuhlungu River (means snake venom river)
650 A weir across the Sabie and what appeared to a dam wall section
651 A plaque or monument to Jaoa Albasini the famous Kruger pioneer
652 The turn off to the S128
653 Nthandanyathi Bird Hide built in loving memory of Margo Lyle
654 A look-out point over the Nhlanganzwani Dam and in the general area there was a lot of game
655 The entrance to one of the Private Lodges (Shishangeni) inside the Kruger
657 Rejoined the H4-2 to head down to Crocodile Bridge
658 Vurhami look out point
659 The S25 road to the right that would lead me to junction with the S127
660 Junction with the S127
661 The Hippo Pools on the Crocodile river

Crocodile Bridge and Berg en Dal Area

663 The low level crossing of the Bume River
664 The crossing of the Biyamiti at a very wide point
665 The S139 turnoff to the “private” Biyamiti Bush Camp
666 The site of the Trading post operated in the 1880’s by Alf Roberts
667 Another monument “Mellmapus Ford”
668 The turn-off to the private Safari Lodge named Lukimbi
669 The crossing of the dry Mpambane River bed
670 Turn off to the S119 which leads to the S114 further north on the main tar road which it joins at 676
671 The S25 to join the S114
672 The junction with the Timfenheni Loop road, the S121
673 The junction of the S25 with the main tar road to Malelane 4 kms away
674 Close to Malelane gate was a leopard lying close to its kill
675 Turned right to complete the Timfenheni Loop
676 S119 Mpambane drive
678 Sasol Gardenia Pan Bird hide
679 The S118.
680 A lone White Rhino very close to the road at Ampie se Boorgat drinking point
681 The junction with the H3
682 Renoster Pan
683 The right turn onto the S120 Steilberg Koppie route 8kms away
684 A look-out point overlooking the road to the west from some 460 metres above sea level
685 The T junction with the S110
686 The Matjubu watering point
687 The entrance to Berg-en-Dal Rest Camp