Kruger Park Trees - Fever Tree

The Fever Tree (Acacia xanthophloea) is a semi deciduous tree part of the thorn tree acacia family that can grow up to 25 meters high. The Fever Tree has a characteristic lime green bark which makes it easy to identify. The Fever Tree got its name from the early pioneers of the Lowveld, who would often contract malaria in areas where the fever tree grew. They thought the tree caused this sickness, but infact it was the Anopheles (Malaria) Mosquito which breeds heavily in the marshy areas where the Fever Tree occurs. Giraffe and Elephant browse on the leaves of the Fever Tree and many bird species in the Kruger Park use this tree as a nesting site, the thorns on this tree species make it difficult for reptiles to attack the birds during night time hours.

Photo's Of Kruger's Fever Tree Acacia

There are currently no photo's of Kruger's Fever Tree.