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Was This Track the Result of an African Python Looking for Prey?

S101 Shipirivirhi loop road ... Python Tracks Shortly after leaving the Shingwedzi Rest Camp for a drive down to Red Rocks I decided to drive the 3 kms stretch of the S101 Shipirivirhi loop road very close to the bridge that crossed the Shingwedzi River.

At waypoint 135 there was a fascinating track. As soon as I saw it I thought that it had been made by a snake possibly but there was none to be seen. The track continued for some significant distance leaving me wondering whether I would come across the snake but after a while the track disappeared into the roadside grass.

Tracks in the sand. Maybe an African Python made the track Take note of the width of the snake" track relative to the car type track adjacent to it. Also take note of the depth in the softish sand close to the camera. This suggested to me the snake was wide and heavy. I was aware that African Rock Pythons were often seen in this part of the Kruger National park and I never seen one before so was now hoping to do so.

Smake tracks in sand Kruger National Park The tracks moved closer to the edge of the road in softer sand and were very regular for some distance. At a later stage the track seemed to speed up as evidenced by a wider "S" closer together. Once more note the impression made into the sand suggesting a heavyweight.

Zig Zag snake (maybe African Python) track disappears into grass The tracks had not been ridden over and to me this suggested they were quite recent. This image shows where the tracks disappeared into the grass on the right hand side of the road about 30 metres away (top left of image not middle right ... the snake changed direction moving more towards the left in the picture). The image immediately below this one shows where the track temporarily disappeared because it reappeared on the road again about 50 metres later, continued down the middle of the road before disappearing into the grass again.

Which Kruger Park snake made this track? I never did see any more positive signs of a snake despite waiting and watching for a re-appearance. So to this day I am not sure what I missed seeing but whatever it was I'm sure it was  large snake probably an African Python or maybe a Black Mamba since this snake also gets to become a very large and heavy size.