Kruger National Park Regions, Rangers and Park Sections

The Kruger National Park is a large expanse of wild territory full of amazing flora and fauna. It has been split into 4 regions (Central, North, Far North, South) from north to south and some 22 ranger sections shown in the map below.

The rangers are charged with protecting all the inhabitants of the Kruger for the benefit of the people of South Africa.

Some of the duties of rangers involve anti poaching, census studies, fire patrol and protection as well keeping an eye open for disease and unusual occurrences. For example there was recent outbreak of Anthrax in the northern region near Pafuri in which 15 animals were found to have died. The rangers would monitor the situation closely alongside expert veterinary personnel based in the Kruger Park.

Kruger Park Sections map ... click map to enlarge

The names of the rangers for each section at the time of writing are shown below along with the size of the areas (measured in Hectares; 1 Ha = 10,000 sq metres) they are responsible for. Info supplied by Kruger National Park Scientific Department.

Kruger Park Ranger Stations

Lion Distribution in Various Park Sections ... click to enlarge

In this map I have shown the lion distribution as mapped by rangers using handheld GPS and PDA's (Cybertracker system) for the period March 2005 to February 2006. Shingwedzi data was not collected for the whole period.