Girivana Loop via the Msemani Dam on the H7

Msemani Dam and Girivana Loop. Waypoints  274 to 277 ... H7, S12 and the S40 Loop Close to Satara Camp

Nsemani dam close to Satara and loop road Kruger National Park After completing the exciting S90 and S100 loop we crossed the main H1-4 tar road to complete the much shorter route that would take us down the S7 then onto the S12 and then the S40 before taking the S7 and H1-4 back to Satara Camp. After the earlier sightings this loop turned out to be a bit of anti-climax but the next day on a night drive we were to see a magnificent male Lion and an Leopard also.
Nsemani Dam Kruger National park The loop is within a well wooded area and surrounds a number of small streams all of which drain into the Nsemani Dam at the south east corner of the loop and which is at an elevation around 20 metres lower than the surrounding bush..
Giraffe close-up Kruger National Park Waypoint 274 is the Nsemani Dam. The road passes over the dam wall. Close to the point was a beautiful Giraffe which was not at all photo-shy. There were many baboons patrolling the far bank and sharing the space with a number of Hippo out of the water.
Purple Roller Kruger National Park The Giraffe above was in company with a Purple Roller and this was the first sighting of this bird I'd seen in 2 visits.
Red billed buffalo weaver nests Kruger National park Close to the above waypoint was a tree containing the nests of Red-billed Buffalo-Weavers. These birds have communal nesting habits building their nests normally on the northern side of larger trees in order to avoid the prevailing south easterly winds. On a day when the sun is not shining then this fact can be used to help navigation for those walking in dense areas.
Girivana watering hole on creek Kruger National park We turned off onto the Girivana (name of a chief who lived near here at some stage in the early 1900's) S12 loop at waypoint 275. A dry stream bed was crossed at waypoint 276.
Black Crake Kruger National park Waypoint 277 ... is the water hole just after the river crossing above and the picture shows a nice Umbrella Thorn tree in the background reflecting nicely in the late afternoon light. 2 Black Crakes were patrolling the far bank.
We made our way back to Satara after completing the loop stopping to enjoy the antics of the baboons at Nsemani Dam.