Kruger National Park Reptile Species & Reptile Photo's From Kruger

The Kruger National Park plays host to 118 species of reptiles which include lizards, agamas, chameleons, tortoises, monitors, geckos, snakes and, of course, the Nile Crocodile. So many reptiles occur in the Kruger because of the wide variety of habitat and ecozones that make up the Kruger National Park and seeing these reptiles up close, or even just catching a glimpse of them, is an amazing experience. Below are photographs and names of the reptile species we have been able to capture on camera in the Kruger National Park, enjoy...

African Rock Python Kruger Park An African Rock Python that unfortunately was dead in the Shigwedzi area... How it died is a mystery!
African Rock Python Skin Kruger Park A close up of the skin on the African Rock Python.
Blue Tailed Skink Kruger Park The common Bluetailed Skink, a very colourful lizard.
Lightly coloured Flap Nech Chameleon The photo on the left and the 2 below it are all of different coloured Flap Neck Chameleons in the South of the Kruger...
Kruger National Park Flap Neck Chameleon Taken on a Skukuza night drive...
Flap Neck Chameleon in Kruger This one was seen on the way to Malelane.
Leopard Tortoise Kruger Park One of the "Little Five", the Leopard Tortoise.
Mozambique Spitting Cobra Kruger Park Another dead snake we saw, a Mozambiquean Spitting Cobra.
Nile Crocodile Kruger National Park The beautiful Nile Crocodile, found throughout the park.
Puffadder Kruger National Park A Puffadder crossing the road on the S126 close to Satara.
Rock Monitor Lizard in the Kruger The Rock Monitor Lizard, often confused with the more common Water Monitor (see below).
Terrapin Kruger Park A Terrapin in the Letaba River.
Vine Snake Kruger Park A Vine Snake photographed at Olifants Rest Camp.
Water Monitor Kruger Park A Water Monitor Lizard at Lake Panic.
Striped Skink The Outpost Lodge Kruger Park Pafuri A Striped Skink at The Outpost Lodge in the north.
Rainbow Skink Kruger Park Rainbow Skink in the Berg-en-Dal Rest Camp.
Blue Headed Tree Agama The beautiful Blue Headed Tree Agama (Blueheaded Lizard).
Western Stripe Bellied Sand Snake Shingwedzi A Western Stripe Bellied Sand Snake seen on the Red Rocks Loop.