Punda Maria Rest Camp Kruger National Park Information

Punda Maria Rest Camp Kruger ParkThe Punda Maria Rest Camp, situated in the Kruger National Park, is the furthest north public rest camp in the Kruger. It is my personal favourite public rest camp within the Kruger, because of the beautiful surroundings and the lack of people in general that stay in the camp. Even when the camp is full it is not noticeable. It is an area renowned for it's great birding and rare mammal activity. The camp is full of different species of trees and flowers and is a great area to visit all year round. Punda Maria rest camp is also situated in area with high Lion and Hyaena populations.

Punda Maria Rest Camp Kruger Park GPS Co-Ordinates

The GPS Co-ordinates are as follows: -22.6919S , 31.0181E.

Punda Maria Rest Camp Accommodation

Punda Maria Rest Camp accommodationPunda Maria has a few types of accommodation available to it's guests. Campsites, Safari Tents, Bungalows and Family Bungalows. Personally when I stay at this camp I prefer to camp. The ablutions are superb and the camp sites have a certain ambience about them that no other public camp can rival. The bungalows are a bit over priced for what you get in Punda Maria and I would recommend caravanning or camping.

Punda Maria Rest Camp Activities

Paradise flycatcher trail punda maria rest campThere are numerous activities do when based at Punda Maria Rest Camp: Bird watching, Bird hide, fence walks, the Paradise Flycatcher trail through the camp. You can also go on guided game drives and bush walks from the camp, and this is the camp from where the Nyalaland Wilderness Trail leaves from, one of the best walking trails in the Park.

Punda Maria Rest Camp Facilities

The facilities at Punda Maria include the following: Public telephone, post box, restaurant, cafeteria, shop, ATM, Laundromat, petrol station, swimming pool, communal kitchens and ablutions, day visitors facilities, cellphone reception.

Punda Maria Rest Camp Wildlife

Punda Maria rest camp wildlife buffaloPunda Maria has a host of amazing wildlife, birding is amazing in the camp, waxbills, firefinches, bush shrikes, and birds such as the Trumpeter Hornbill, Purple Crested Lourie, African Golden Oriole, Golden Breasted Bunting, Narina Trogon, Bohms Spinetail, Giant Eagle Owl and Bat Hawk. A visit to the floodlit bird/game hide within Punda Maria can produce some amazing bird sightings, please click the link to read about it.

Game and animals can be scarce in the general Punda Maria area, but there is wildlife in the actually camp. Large Spotted Genet, Tree Squirrel, Impala, Bushbuck, Vervet Monkey, Chacma Baboon, African Civet, Thick Tailed and Lesser Bushbaby. From the game/bird hide (Which is lit up at night) you have the chance of seeing the animals listed above as well as the Big 5, other nocturnal creatures as well as the chance of seeing the rare Suni and Sharpes Grysbok.

Punda Maria Rest Camp Important Information

Punda Maria Camp Gate Opening Times:

Punda Maria Camp Shop Opening Times: 8.00am - 1 hour after gate closing time.

Punda Maria Camp Restaurant Times: 7.00am - 9.00pm.

Closest Gates To Punda Maria Camp: Punda Maria Gate 9kms, Pafuri Gate 78kms.

Closest Camps To Punda Maria: Shingwedzi 70kms, Sirheni Bush Camp 52kms.