Drive Klopperfontein (Kloppers Fountain) Loop S61 off S60

Short loop drive past interesting water lily area

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Turn off the main H1-8 road heading south towards Punda Maria from Pafuri.

baobab Kruger Park The image of a partially leaved baobab was interesting because I wasn't at all sure whether the tree was one or 2 different trees (joined at the hip as it were). On the way towards Klopperfontein loop drive the Baobab Hill monument was again viewed.
Map of loop Klopperfontein Waypoints 047 to 050: Klopperfontein is the name of a spring that in good wet seasons flows well. It was named after a hunter based in what was called Louis Trichardt (now Mikhado) in Limpopo Province. Apparently he camped in this region while on hunting trips (presumably before the Park was proclaimed. Notice the numerous streams which are spring fed in good rainy seasons. The topography in general also suggests a very interesting and worthwhile drive. Make a point of looking at the topography on maps to help decide which drives to take when you are limited in time.
zebra at Klopperfontein Kruger Park On the drive I saw a family of zebra, and got a glimpse of a Steenbok (solitary small antelope with large ears)
Elephants close to Klopperfontein water lily pond Waypoint 049 ... there was a rather beautiful water lily "pond" in the stream bed when I did the drive and close to the spot there were 3 elephants in a distinctly greyish coat (probably from mud baths). One of the elephants was lying down and got up shortly after I stopped the car to take a closer look. I've never seen an elephant lying down before. A bit further up the road is a borehole watering point also called Klopperfontein.
grey mud bath elephant Waypoint 050 just marks the point where I rejoined the man road for the drive back to Punda Maria. It was about 4 pm and gates close at 5.30 and I was about to have an elephant adventure. I also saw a graceful female kudu as well as an adolescent male.kude female young male greater kudu