Nyala Drive Pafuri Region Aerial Map Images

This page shows a number of images from an aerial perspective. The images are shown below are thumbnails. When you click the thumbnail the large image will load ... NOTE HOWEVER this might take a short while depending upon your internet connection speed.

The Nyala drive is between hills and the Shingwedzi River. Normal maps unfortunately do not always give the credit the drive is due. I have created a number of images from different perspectives using Google Earth. This will help you to envisage what I saw on my drive and hopefully will encourage you to do the drive yourself one day.

Waypoints 033 to 036 refer to this drive in general

Luvuvhu River Flood Levels Waypoins Febraury 2000

Here's a map based upon a normal view and was used to describe the Nyala drive in detail here.

Nyala Bull Pafuri Kruger Park 

Birds eye view from leaving main road crossing tributary onto turn-around point.

Nyala Drive Northern Kruger National Park 

Perspective view ... I'm pretty sure that when you open this picture of the beautiful Nyala Drive you will agree it is more interesting. Of course it is a great pity that the resolution leaves a bit to be desired but the picture is still inspiring for any lover of the Kruger National Park and its environs. The tributary of the Luvuvhu river is called Ximuwana or Thambyi. The drive skirts the bottom of the hill to the left and passes quite close to the Luvuvhu river.