Punda Maria Camp: Kruger National Park ...

The Flycatcher Trail at Punda Maria Camp

We were maybe too early to see Flycatchers on this short walk within the Punda Maria camp. We didn't see much bird life of any kind on the afternoon we did this walk.

Common Coral Tree blossom with sunbird This was quite a let down after witnessing the 3 species of sunbirds feeding actively and continuously at the blossoms of a Common Coral Tree right outside our Hut, number 7.

The trail starts just behind the restaurant and involves a slight gentle climb of about 20 metres up a rocky path. The trail takes you very close to the camp perimeter fence where there is a bench which provides a lovely resting place ... except that the bench was ready for collapsing. This could be a beautiful spot for those wanting to view animals that possibly patrol the border fence at night as we were told they do.

The total trail length is somewhat less than a kilometres and despite the absence of birdlife, when we did the walk, is well worth the small effort required to complete it.

Butterfly on Flycatcher Trail I did get a photo of a rather beautiful butterfly that had 2 vivid blue spots on the back of its wings. When the wings closed up the undersides were a very drab and uniform brown.