Pretoriuskop Rest Camp Kruger National Park Information, Help & Advice

Pretoriuskop Rest Camp Kruger National ParkThe Pretoriuskop Rest Camp in the Kruger National Park is Kruger's oldest public camp which is located in the south-west corner, 9 kilometers from the Numbi Gate. The Pretoriuskop Rest Camp is picturesque and although it is quite a big camp, most of the time it does not feel that way at all. A beautiful swimming pool for the residents of the camp (Built out of the natural rock that occurs here) is a must visit. I won't share a picture of it on this page because a picture will not do it justice, it is probably one of the most beautiful and natural swimming pools in South Africa. The amazing granite hills and grassland plains around Pretoriuskop support a large variety of the Kruger National Park's rare antelope species such as Lichtenstein's Hartebeest, Southern Reedbuck and the magnificent Sable Antelope.

Pretoriuskop Rest Camp Kruger Park GPS Co-Ordinates

The GPS Co-Ordinates are as follows: -25.1692S , 31.2687E

Pretoriuskop Rest Camp Accommodation

Pretoriuskop have lovely camping and caravanning facilities as well as many Rustic Huts, Bungalows, Family Cottages and Guest Houses. The accommodation in Pretoriuskop, no matter what option you choose, is very good and well maintained. There are well over 150 spaces available for staying at Pretoriuskop and is probably one of the easiest camps to get a booking at in the South of the Kruger Park.

Pretoriuskop Rest Camp Activities

Pretoriuskop ShabeniThe size of the Pretoriuskop Rest Camp can be quite intimidating but there are many in camp activities and other activities to do such as guided game drives (day and night), guided bush walks, bush breakfasts and bush braais in the evenings, the Madlabantu 4x4 adventure trail and this is the camp where the Napi Wilderness Trail departs from. In camp activities such as the Sable Trail Camp Walk, birding, getting up close to the smaller resident animals in the camp and exploring the old trees and the amazing history of Pretoriuskop Rest Camp.

Pretoriuskop Rest Camp Facilities

The facilities at Pretoriuskop include the following: Public telephone, post box, restaurant, cafeteria, shop, ATM, Laundromat, petrol station, swimming pool, communal kitchens and ablutions, day visitors facilities, cellphone reception, Kruger Park emergency road assistance.

Pretoriuskop Rest Camp Wildlife

White Rhino Horn has no medicinal valueThe bird life in Pretoriuskop Rest camp is prolific, bird species such as Woodland Kingfisher, Red Billed Woodhoope, Spotted Eagle Owl, Barn Owl, Brown Headed Parrot, Purple Crested Turaco, White Faced Owl, African Scops Owl, Gorgeous Bush Shrike, Sunbird species, Helmeted Guineafowl, Lilac Breasted Roller, can be viewed within the camp.

The game animals and mammals that can be seen in the camp include Impala, Vervet Monkey, Chacma Baboon, Common Duiker, Dwarf Mongoose, Warthog, Leopard.

Pretoriuskop Rest Camp Important Information

Pretoriuskop Camp Gate Opening Times:

Pretoriuskop Camp Shop Opening Times: 8.00am - 1 hour after gate closing time.

Pretoriuskop Camp Restaurant Times: 7.00am - 9.00pm.

Closest Gates To Pretoriuskop Camp: Numbi Gate 9kms, Phabeni 18kms.

Closest Camps To Pretoriuskop: Skukuza 50kms, Berg-en-dal 64kms.