Corumana Dam Threatens Last Kruger Gorge on Perennial River.

Hot on the heels of the awareness that the Massingir Dam in Mozambique will soon destroy the prime breeding areas of the Olifants River crocodiles another intended dam wall height increase is about to threaten the last gorge in the Kruger to be found on a perennial river system.

The Corumana Dam is on the border between Mozambique and South Africa where the Sabie river enters Mozambique (see aerial view below). The height of the dam is to be increased to provide more water for irrigation for amongst other things, to grow sugar to be converted to ethanol fuel.

It is reported that decisions have been made by Mozambican authorities without the proper consultation processes having been carried out. The job of this website is not to argue the politics but to point out events that will certainly shape the future of biodiversity of the Park.

Aerial Maps of Area ... click to enlarge maps below

Map 1 ... aerial view showing the last few kilometres of the Sabie River before it enters the dam as it is now. ...

Aerial view of Sabie River entering Corumna Dam

From the second photo below which shows more of a perspective it can be seen that any increase in level will flood a significant part of this lower reach of the Sabie.

According to a report in The Kruger Times the last 2 kms of the river will be flooded and the picture shows this is probably true. The same report goes on to quote Professor Kevin Rogers who states that an "entirely unique" and "irreplaceable ecosystem" will be lost forever.

The images shown here have been created using Google Earth.

Second view of Sabie River entering Corumna Dam in Mozambique