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There are a few rules explained below. This is because I want this site to stay unique and interesting to a wide variety of Kruger enthusiasts.

There are so many exciting stories about visits to the Kruger out there and yet so few get told to the world.

I'm fortunate. I can make a decision to visit the Kruger whenever I feel like it. Not everybody has the same degree of freedom.  These same people, however, still long to experience the adventure ... and they can with your help and mine.

The Rules ...

I will create a full page dedicated to your story and a link to it from a listing of stories (if we get any).

Any submission should be via the form below or in a separate email (if you prefer to email your contribution then send the email to .... pondprof(at)gmail.com . Replace (at) with @ of course).

The submission must be true and not previously published on the internet and ideally should include the part of the Kruger in which your story was witnessed together with the approximate date (eg mid  2006).

The submission may include a couple of photos attached to the email or, if you use the form, see below.

You are encouraged to provide your own name and picture of yourself as author. If you would like me to create a link to an existing website I will do this with pleasure.

To avoid any copyright issues you will always retain the original copyright. However by submitting the story to me you give me permission to publish this material on any of my sites. In this way I avoid any copyright disputes at some later stage. Credit will be given to yourself as the original author. For example the article would say "Permission to publish this article is granted by the author AN OTHER with whom the original copyright vests."

It is in nobody's interest to copy other peoples' works. In this regard please only submit original copy written by yourself or for you. In other words no plagiarism please. Bona fide references are encouraged.

The decision to publish the article on my site rests with me and my decision is final. This is just to make sure spamming is avoided at all costs. I will advise you, of course if I decide not to publish...

Please contact me if you wish to submit any stories, all will be welcome!