Insects & Arachnids Of The Kruger National Park - Photographs

There are so many species of insects and spiders in the Kruger National Park that it is staggering. The diversity and sheer number of these insects insures that the Kruger National Park remains healthy all the way up from the bottom of the food chain. This page is dedicated to photo's taken in the Kruger of some of the most beautiful, and bizarre, insects and spiders you are likely to come across on your next visit.

Bee's can be found throughout the Kruger, and especially close to pollen rich trees and flowers such as this lily.

Kruger Park bees on flower

The Dung Beetles are found wherever there are large herbivores and can be fascinating to watch

Dung Beetle in Kruger Park

There are so many species of Butterflies in the Kruger Park, all with their own patterns, markings and colours.

Kruger Park butterflies

Damsel and Dragonfly species are plentiful and can be found anywhere near water.

Kruger Park Damselflies

The various species of Grasshoppers and Locusts can attract attention with their beautiful colouring.

Grasshopers and Locusts of the Kruger Park

The Giant Land Snail is really amazing, just because of it's size!

Kruger Park Giant Land Snail

Another amazing 'giant' is the Giant Stick Insect, this one was photographed at Skukuza.

Kruger Park Giant Stick Insect

The Golden Orb Wed Spider is a very common species in the Kruger, they are harmless.

Kruger Park Golden Orb Web Spider

Netwinged Beetle's can often be found on the leaves of plants before and after rain.

Kruger Park Net Winged Beetle

The Toktokkie species has very similar habits and appearance to the Dung Beetle.

Kruger park toktokkie