Kruger National Park. Attraction Spots Close to Punda Maria and Shingwedzi Rest Camps

The list of waypoints below were marked by me during my driving forays in the Kruger and at the time I thought they were worth recording. The waypoints form parts of articles I've written and that are extensively linked throughout the site. This list might just make it more easy to find a point of interest.

Way point no: Nearest Camp Short description
001 Punda Maria The day visitor centre
002 Punda Maria Excellent views of Thulamila hill
003 Punda Maria  
004 Punda Maria The turn off to the Thulamila view site
005 Punda Maria  
006 Punda Maria  
007 Punda Maria  
008 Punda Maria  
009 Punda Maria African Long tailed Shrike
010 Punda Maria Small waterhole
011 Punda Maria Coinciding with the junction of the H1-7 and H1-8 main roads
012 Punda Maria Landscape differences
013 Punda Maria Looking west shows a very common sight throughout the national park
014 Punda Maria The Mandadzizi borehole
015 Punda Maria  
016 Punda Maria Magnificent specimens of ancient Baobab trees on this drive
017 Punda Maria Large rock structure and in view of the flatness of the bush
018 Punda Maria Close to the Kremetart borehole
019 Punda Maria Mashikiri borehole
020 Punda Maria Sweet and varied bird calls (including that of a grey loerie)
021 Punda Maria Borehole and chance to see elephants and various other types of game
022 Punda Maria There are 4 adventure trails
023 Punda Maria A famous spot in the Kruger
024 Punda Maria Baobab Hill
025 Punda Maria First of 2 bridges that cross the Luvuvhu
026 Punda Maria Entrance road (private) to the Makaleka and Pafuri Camp
027 Punda Maria The start of the long and ordinary drive to Pafuri Gate
028 Punda Maria The entrance to the "Outpost" concessionary private lodge
029 Punda Maria The least used Park entrance
030 Punda Maria Examples of tree scenery
031 Punda Maria A wonderful roadside example with unusual reddish colouration
032 Punda Maria  
033 Punda Maria Marks the spot where I turned off the H1-8.
036 Punda Maria The animals, birds and wildlife galore are just a great bonus
037 Punda Maria  
040 Punda Maria Pafuri Picnic Spot, close to the River Luvuvhu
041 Punda Maria A tree and on it is marked the Luvuvhu river flood level
043 Punda Maria Chance of seeing a crocodile
044 Punda Maria The Luvuvhu river meets the Limpopo which is one of Africa's mighty rivers.
045 Punda Maria The drive to the South Africa Police Services
046 Punda Maria The Pafuri and Luvuvhu drive the drive back to the main road was quite a let down
049 Punda Maria A beautiful water lily "pond"
050 Punda Maria The man road for the drive back to Pund Maria
051 Punda Maria The loop started for me since I decided to to travel in an anti-clockwise direction.
052 Punda Maria 2 hills and wonderful close up views of a wide variety of trees and shrubs growing on the hillsides
053 Punda Maria The Witsand borehole in a large clearing
054 Punda Maria Lions can be seen at this point.
055 Punda Maria A "Deadliest Candelabra Euphorbia" so called because its latex is extremely poisonous
056 Punda Maria This had to be an area inviting all sorts of wildlife.
057 Punda Maria Beautiful stretch of the drive
059 Punda Maria A photo of an unusual fruit that I have not identified
060 Punda Maria Bright orange spiky cylindrical fruit was being feasted upon by a range of insects including ants.
061 Punda Maria The location of the J J Coetzer borehole named after J J Coetzer who was a Park ranger
062 Punda Maria The end of the loop
063 Punda Maria The woodlands of Punda Maria to meet the vast Mopane plains
066 Punda Maria The turn off to take the climb up to the Dzundzini look out spot on the S58 loop road
067 Punda Maria The direction to Shingwedzi.
070 Punda Maria A short detour to the Makamwa bore hole
072 Punda Maria White-backed Vulture sharing a tree with a Lappet-faced Vulture
073 Punda Maria A roadside elephants and female Nyala
075 Punda Maria The banks of the Shingwedzi river
076 Punda Maria The excellent close-to-river viewing points
077 Punda Maria The bridge across the Shingwedzi
078 Shingwedzi A short drive through riverine treed areas up to the joining of the rivers Shingwedzi from the south and Mphongolo from the north
079 Shingwedzi The short 3 km loop on the S55 that runs close to the river then rejoined the main road
081 Shingwedzi A snake that had been run over
082 Shingwedzi The spot of a rather beautiful waterhole where a pair of Woolly-necked Storks
083 Shingwedzi The turn off to make the S57 loop drive
084 Shingwedzi The turn off to the Sirheni Bush Camp private road
085 Shingwedzi A dry river bed on the left with spectacular lush green banks
086 Shingwedzi A dry river bed, there's another pair of Saddle Billed Storks
087 Shingwedzi The Babalala Picnic Spot where Elvis was terrorised by an elephant.
088 Shingwedzi 2 more examples of Kruger beauty
089 Shingwedzi More elephants
090 Shingwedzi  A large tree full of small green fruits
091 Shingwedzi The start of the Mpholongo route
092 Shingwedzi Large family of elephants
093 Shingwedzi The far river bank
094 Shingwedzi The river and consists of dense woodland
095 Shingwedzi The end of the loop
096 Shingwedzi  
097 Shingwedzi The turn off to the 3 km Causeway loop that led back to the Shingwedzi camp
098 Shingwedzi The 2000 flood level marking
099 Shingwedzi The Shingwedzi River causeway with the camp restaurant
100 Shingwedzi The Mashagadzi watering point
101 Shingwedzi The edge of the Shingwedzi River
102 Shingwedzi Butterflies Galore
103 Shingwedzi The turn off to see the wall of the Kanniedood Dam itself
104 Shingwedzi An excellent view of riverside mud cliffs
105 Shingwedzi A lone Giraffe
106 Shingwedzi An interesting historical site with a plaque
110 Shingwedzi The Sasol sponsored Nyawutsi
111 Shingwedzi 3 Ground Hornbills
112 Shingwedzi Kostini Hill
113 Shingwedzi The creek Hlamvu
114 Shingwedzi The magnificent hills in the Lebombo range of mountains called Kumba
115 Shingwedzi The hill called after a wild sour plum
116 Shingwedzi A sudden change in grass colour
117 Shingwedzi A significant change in scenery
118 Shingwedzi A Baobab tree
019 Shingwedzi The turn off to the "Tropic of Capricorn"
120 Shingwedzi A beautiful watering hole
121 Shingwedzi S143 which leads to the main Shingwedzi Mopani road
122 Shingwedzi The turn off to the S49 loop road to the main road
123 Shingwedzi A series of 14 experimental fire plots
124 Shingwedzi Fire extension plot number 8 separated by wide grass corridors
125 Shingwedzi  
126 Shingwedzi The spot where the Mooiplaas section of the loop road
127 Mopani The Mopani Rest Camp
128 Shingwedzi The turn off to the Mooiplaas Ranger post
129 Shingwedzi Two large fluffy nests surrounded by filamentous webs
130 Shingwedzi Tropic of Capricorn monument
131 Shingwedzi Footprints in the sand
132 Shingwedzi Dry Nkodozi River bed
133 Shingwedzi View of the Shingwedzi close to the camp and the Marabou Storks
134 Shingwedzi  
135 Shingwedzi An "S" shaped track in the sand first seen at the side of the road
136 Shingwedzi Not all mammals in the Kruger are big and fearsome.
137 Shingwedzi Male or bull elephant
138 Shingwedzi The crossing of the Shingwedzi River
139 Shingwedzi The viewpoint for Red Rocks
140 Shingwedzi The Dwarf Mongoose
141 Shingwedzi The crossing of the Tshange River
142 Shingwedzi Tshanga Hill
143 Shingwedzi The S52 crosses the Shingwedzi
144 Shingwedzi a garden to be proud of
145 Shingwedzi The Vervet Monkey
146 Shingwedzi The Wild Calabash
147 Shingwedzi The end of a wonderful full morning's drive through forest
148 Shingwedzi The Dzombo West borehole
149 Shingwedzi The junction to the Tropic of Capricorn Loop
150 Shingwedzi  
151 Shingwedzi A lot of Zebra and smaller number of  Buffalo
152 Shingwedzi A lot of Zebra and smaller number of  Buffalo
153 Shingwedzi The Nwambu (Lowveld Milkberry Tree)
154 Shingwedzi Olifantsbad water pan
155 Shingwedzi A nice example of a Termite mound
157 Shingwedzi A Juvenile
159 Shingwedzi A Shingwedzi River (spotted a squirrel)
160 Shingwedzi A dead African Rock Python
161 Shingwedzi Baobab tree
162 Shingwedzi The start of the 61 kms drive to Phalaborwa
164 Shingwedzi The crossing of the Kaleka River
165 Shingwedzi Large Mopane trees
166 Shingwedzi A long series of Termite mounds
167 Shingwedzi The turn off the private road to Boulders Camp
169 Shingwedzi The area right down to the Shimuwini Bush Camp turnoff
170 Shingwedzi The crossing of the great Limpopo River
171 Shingwedzi The Letaba camp
172 Shingwedzi The Nwgenyeni Creek
173 Shingwedzi View of a gorge that ran alongside the road and through which the Ngwenyeni Creek
175 Shingwedzi Nwgenyeni Creek
176 Shingwedzi Road to Letaba
177 Shingwedzi The Shikumbu rock formation
178 Shingwedzi Letaba to Phalaborwa main road
180 Shingwedzi Sable Dam
181 Shingwedzi The gate at Phalaborwa entrance