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Large Buffalo herd at Giriyondo turn-off Not sure if this is a sign of the times but at the turn-off there is a wide open expanse of land close to a drinking point and a large herd of Buffalo were stretched out across the expanse, some resting, some eating and others drinking. It was a great sight to see so many large animals in open countryside.

Sunbirds Feeding at the Blossoms of the Beautiful Common Coral Tree Outside Hut number 7 at Punda Maria is a Common Coral Tree which was "swarming", well almost with 3 types of sunbirds feeding on the nectar of these spectacular flowers.

The Flycatcher Trail at Punda Maria Camp Kruger National Park We didn't see any flycatchers nor many other birds either but is a pleasant walk up a gently inclining hill towards the perimeter fence at Punda Maria. Beware the broken bench

This Lion is Fitted with Radio Collar. Part of Bovine TB Research Project Lions and especially those in the South of the Kruger have become infected with Bovine TB. The lion we saw on the sunset drive was one of the research individuals and was fitted with a radio collar.

Corumana Dam on Sabie River Increasing the height of a second dam in Mozambique threatens the last remaining gorge on a perennial river in the Kruger.

Dragged off by a Lion ... Harry Wolhuter's Story Sabi Game Reserve Days The original full story of this amazing true story. Be enthralled ...

Harry Wolhuter Biography by Professor Geoffrey Haresnape read this interesting study of the man who famously killed a lion.

The Elephant Run ... Charged by 2 Angry Kruger Elephants on Pafuri Punda Maria Road On the way back from Pafuri I found myself in a difficult position and was charged 3 times by 2 different elephants

Elephant Terrorises Elvis at Babala Picnic Spot Kruger National Park  The Babala picnic spot is a very pleasant picnic area o the road down to Shingwedzi. The picnic spot caretaker had a close encounter with an elephant which was later shot

Perfect African Sunset and Sunrise Photos at Shingwedzi Bridge in Kruger National Park Because the bridge runs north to south and is only 3kms from camp it is a perfect spot to take sunset and sunrise photographs

Thulamela Archeological Site Pafuri Region Kruger National Park The Thulamela historical site was only discovered in 1981.

GPS Mapping Punda Maria Mahonie Loop Drive Kruger National Park South Africa Notes on how I used my combination of Garmin 60CS GPS unit, camera and digital recording device to allow me to recollect my drives and thus make this website possible.

Do Not Get Out of Your Vehicle ... Elephants.  The loudest noise I've ever heard and it sounded threatening came from an elephant trumpeting. And why these 3 people were just stupid.

African Python Snake Tracks in the Sand Kruger National Park Where did that African Python go to ...?

Thoughts on Digital Cameras for Kruger ... you will need a zoom lens for best and memorable results

Kruger National Park Regions Map, Rangers and Park Sections Sections of the Kruger also showing map of lion distribution by section.

Kruger National Park Rest Camps and Trails Here's a list and map showing all camps and trails in Kruger

Southern Ground Hornbill Kills Large Monitor Lizard Near Sabie River  A savage slaying of a monitor lizard brings home the fact that birds are also serious predators.

Crocodile Kills Female Bushbuck at Lake Panic We'd probably seen this beautiful creature the previous day.

Kruger Park Water Lilies ... Most Blue WaterLilies Started Life in Africa  There are 3 main indigenous waterlilies you will come across in the Kruger. Here's how to tell the difference.

A Deeply Concerned Lioness Calling for Her Cubs I still wonder if this mother did find her cubs that day on the S90 close to the Mavumbye River.

Massingir Dam & Flooding of Olifants Gorge | Breeding Ground for Nile Crocodile Concerns raised in SANParks forum re impact upon Olifants Gorge

Google and the Kruger National Park | Google Earth Have you ever seen Crooks Corner in the far NE of the Kruger? No, then take an aerial view right now.

Four Lions and a Puncture on the S90 in the Kruger National ParkCan you believe it? I arrive at an important sighting at the best time of day and I'm told "Do you know that your back wheel is almost completely flat" ...

Wild Basil, Impala Lily and Hammerkop Nests on Morning walk at Satara Morning walk in the Park with GPS on hand. See where they walked on Google Earth.

Interesting Articles About Birds and Their Lives in the Kruger National Park

You will see many birds on a visit to the Kruger and will have many questions upon your return. The birds of the Kruger are almost infinitely varied in shape, colour, behaviour, size, appearance and function. They have a single common denominator ... they all have feathers.

Birds of The Kruger Park and How These Birds Fly You'll look at every bird differently after reading this article.

Colourful Birds of a Feather Flock Together in the Kruger This simplified article explains why birds have different colours

Aerial Map Views of The Kruger National Park

Nyala Drive Pafuri Region Aerial Images Aerial view of a favourite drive using Google Earth.

Google and the Kruger National Park | Google Earth Some examples of how to use Google Earth and fly to places in the Kruger anytime