Biyamiti Camp Walking Trail Along Perimeter Fence

There is a marked walk which can be done safely along the perimeter fence in the Biyamiti Bushveld Camp. This walk starts at the camps bird hide and works itself all around the camp. Special care should be taken if you walk this trail at night.

Beetles in Biyamiti campThere are a few routes and detours you can take when you are on the Biyamiti camp walk. You can do the entire walk along the perimeter fence or you can take some paths through the thicket within the camp, which is better in my opinion, as this leads back to the perimeter fence anyway. The walk along the perimeter fence runs along the Biyamiti River and during the walk you can witness various animal species drinking or foraging on the banks in the delagoa thickets.

Fruit Bats in Biyamiti CampSome amazing bird species can be seen at close range such as Eastern Blackheaded Oriole, Redbilled Woodhoopoe, Redchested Cuckoo, African Cuckoo, Woodland Kingfisher and different species of Shrike and Owl. Besides the amazing birding opportunities, the walk through the thicket in the camp can yield Civet, Bushbuck, Fruit Bat, Lesser Bushbaby, Tree Squirrel and Common Duiker to name a few. To complete the entire walk in Biyamiti takes approximately 30 minutes, and it is well worth it!