Kruger Park Self Drives & Roads - North - Birding & Game Viewing

North section of Kruger ParkThe North of the Kruger National Park has been divided into 2 sections, areas around Shingwedzi and Mopani. There is a lot of rare antelope species that occur in this part of the Kruger. There are quite a few bird hides in this area as well. This area is very beautiful and fairly quiet compared to the busier sections below it.

Section K - Mopani

Camps in the Mopani area: Mopani Rest Camp, Tsendze Camping Site, Boulders Bushveld Camp.

Roads In The Mopani Area

Section L - Shingwedzi

Camps In The Shingwedzi Area: Shingwedzi Rest Camp, Sirheni Bushveld Camp, Bateleur Bushveld Camp.

Roads In The Shingwedzi Area